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    When everything ends, it is the dawn of a new beginning

    Life is full of challenges, hardships, and struggles. For everything we have to work hard and concentrate in the direction of our objectives. One has to be focussed in ones attempts for getting the reward expected by doing those actions. Competitors will always be there who will be watching ones actions and efforts and will be motivated to do better than them. Due to the cut throat competition it is natural that we may not win every time in our lives and there will be instances when we fail miserably and get defeated in our purpose. These failures may dishearten us and demotivate us for again trying to stand up and attempt with the renewed force. In spite of all these setbacks humans have got enormous power of restarting everything from the scratch and that is where humans are having an edge over the other living beings and also have the exceptional qualities of struggling even in extreme adverse conditions.

    We the strugglers, should not lose our vigour, enthusiasm, interest, and efforts towards achieving the goal and should work continuously and in a sustained manner and victory will eventually come to us. Remember, when everything ends, it is the dawn of a new beginning.

    This is my entry for the month end topic based contest.
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    If a way gets closed another way will open. There is nothing here which is impossible. Sometimes even after work to the best of our abilities, we may not emerge successfully. We should not get disturbed and we should come out with a new way to be successful in our lives. Elderly people who were successful in their lives due to this undisturbed attitude for their reaching goals only. Ramayana is a good example of that. Rama never lost hope. Lakshmana was almost dead. But Hanuman went and brought Sanjeevani and he was treated and cured. Finding missed SIta is a Himalayan task. But they did it. Rama is treated as God because of his success in his attempts. He is not successful because he is God. He worked like a normal human being and emerged successfully.
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    It is rightly said that when one door is closed, the other one opens. It is normal to face challenges in life, but sometimes the person himself makes it difficult. It is the wrong way to change our path after defeating the challenges that come in the way, but if a path is ending automatically then we should find a new way. Do not lose self-confidence in despair, as circumstances change over time. If today is a bad time, then it is a sure thing that tomorrow will be a good time, with this hope one should be happy in life.

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    Life is a continuous journey and there is no stopping in it. We only stop when we have to review our past deeds and results and then proceed ahead with renewed forces and new plans for achieving our goals and aspirations.
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    It is true that what ever begins that should be ended and from where the things end, the beginning takes the right pitch to life again . The life that begins is the dawn, and the life when it ends is the dusk and after the dusk the new life enters its face and thus the cycle of life changes and moves.
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