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    Threat of Covid-19 and digital activities.

    Due to Novel Covid-19 epidemic the world are running along with its impact on daily life. Even under the situation every Government Authority of the Globe are trying their best to encourages every financial activities towards digital mode. They also providing a series of new invented services through online mode. Sometime it seems that this new series of digital services is not due to natural improvement of science& technology but due to the threat of Covid-19 Virus.

    Are the safety and security part of these transaction in threat now? What do you think? please share your comments.
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    Welcome back. You've made an interesting observation. Yes, the pandemic has created more online services than ever before due to the requirement of maintaining distance and the inability of people to anyway step out when the lockdown was put into place in various countries, including in India. So, many of us have been obliged to operate our bank accounts online and pay bills online as well. As for threats, perhaps you mean that the more online financial transactions we make, the more vulnerable we are to threats from hackers and people who want to dupe us. However, such threats would be applicable to earlier times also isn't it? In fact, despite all the warnings and regular media reports of frauds and scams, people still get fooled by so-called lottery wins and prizes and try to buy products that are supposedly cheap without checking out the authenticity of emails/websites.

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    Digital methods were already developing in their normal pace but corona brought a momentum in them as they became the need of the hour. Companies have introduced many new applications for financial transactions. One thing which is very evident is that the software engineers devise newer and newer apps with proper safety but there are some evil elements who also have qualified IT people with them and they also find ways to unlock those security features. Same thing happened when the virus programs were initially introduced by some negative people for their own vested interests.
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    Dhruba welcome to this site as the new member and your first thread is very good and initiated a great topic . It is the fact that after the demonetization most of the population in India has been forced to change to digital mode and after the pandemic further more people chosen the digital mode of payment and the last month GST collections has touched the new record of 115 lakh crores and thanks the hype in digital transactions across the country on many goods and services. Remember still many states are in covid curbs and curfew and surely the more transactions through the digital mode expected.
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    There are many reasons for the increase in digital activities and COVID 19 may be the one among them. Online financial transactions started earlier itself and increased after the demonetization. Now it has reached its peak I think due to COVID 19.
    Online taking and social media chatting come long back and we have all forgotten writing letters and sending them by post. With the emergence of WhatsApp, we reduced sending mails also and even for official purposes we are using WhatsApp these days.
    Online examinations, online competitions and working from home are increased due to covid and these are possible only due to the available digital technology and digital platforms. Thus COVID 19 helped us in using digital technology more than what is antiicpated.

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