Independent houses have their own charm even today...

A friend who is very close to me took me down memory lane recently. His uncle is a civil engineer. They have purchased an independent house in a village with a garden space of around 4000 square foot and a huge built-in space of at least 3400 square foot. He had demolished only a part of the old house but retained the part that had natural ventilation and provision for rainwater harvesting that was the norm decades ago. The house still has the teak wood doors, though they are old today. The village does not have many houses and the seller wanted to dispose it anyway, as his wife wanted to settle only in Chennai and not come to this small village near Kumbakonam (16kms from Kumbakonam). He has to take a two wheeler for around three kilometers, park it in the shop there and then take the buses that ply often to the nearest town and to Kumbakonam.

The photographs seemed superb. There is still a well in the old house an has managed d generally, there is no water problem. There were at least thirty banana trees in the garden and everyday, my friend would have his meal only on banana leaf. The house is planned to be used as a farm house for use off and on. I was not able to believe that he got it for 14 lakh rupees.

There are still so many villages. In Chennai, even at a distance of 75 kilometers from the heart of the city, one cannot even get a single bedroom house for 14 lakhs. My friend has managed to do the modifications in the village house after 1st December. Well, don't such independent houses still not have a charm? This village is not his native place. Yet, he has boldly chosen it for the cheaper price. After all, there are so many direct trains to Kumbakonam. There are hundreds of buses from Chennai and from all over Tamil Nadu.

The sons are in Mumbai and the USA. The Mumbai guy likes the laid back lifestyle and has promised to visit the farm house once in a way. The villagers are simple and nice people. My friend has a Mathematics background and spends his spare time coaching a few children for free. There is only an elementary school in a nearby village.

Are there such villages near smaller towns in your State? Possibly, we can think of such farm houses in fertile villages where good water is available aplenty.