Real hero- The Black Tiger

Life is outlandish. People face different circumstances. Sometimes, they face such problems and sufferings in life that push them to the last edge of hopelessness, where they find only negative consequences. All doors of hope are found shut for them. They are completely depressed while undergoing extremely untoward circumstances. I heard many of them who are/were imprisoned in a dark cell where they have/had no bright light, no sufficient air to breathe. I read about them. I feel how much pain and suffering they underwent due to unjustified torture and many of them might have been facing even today.
One of them was Ravinder Kaushik (Black Tiger) an undercover cop (agent) of RAW who was sent to Pakistan on a mission. He is considered as the greatest and most intelligent undercover cop of RAW. He was so intelligent that he joined the Pakistani army and eventually became major. But he was caught because of another RAW agent who divulged his secret identity of Kaushik. He was arrested and imprisoned in a Pakistani jail. How he was tortured is beyond our perception. I feel pity for him why he was not helped by the Indian government to take him out of jail. He was left to die. He took his last breath in 2001.