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    Be an inspiration for others.

    We are all normal human beings, but we know that we all have some talent or goodness and we should work on ourselves and we can give a new direction to life by improving our talent. If we can become an inspiration for others, then we can reduce the debt of life mothers. Do work that people can appreciate and make you an inspiration and follow your ideals.

    When a person becomes great himself, he not only gives life to himself and his own people but at the same time he can also give a goal to the lives of those people who are living aimless lives for some reason.

    In ISC, there are many members who are inspirations for other authors. Members, please share your experience or opinion about it.
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    A good thought by the author. We always do things for ourselves and always are busy in self development but at the same time it is also necessary to help, inspire, and motivate others to do good work and achieve in the area of interest. Everyone in this world is a part like a teacher without expecting any return and from that angle we must exercise that noble action. Incidentally with that objective only, last year I made a volunteering page in Facebook where I help the students and other career conscious people who want some information in any area or field. Due to obvious reasons I cannot mention that here but just to tell the members that I am getting a good amount of satisfaction from that free service to the community.
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    Not every one can be inspirational to others and it takes time and energy coupled with inclusive performance on par or over and above would be noticed by those who are the close followers and thus become the fan and they draw lots of inspiration from those who work hard and smart. And those who are having knowledge and wisdom alone can become the inspirational characters, because they have acquired that position, thanks to the believe and trust of others. One thing is sure a inspirational person has more responsibility and cannot stop the work citing reasons that something great has been achieved once. The performance should be sustained, continued and be the one step ahead of others and that difference is truly watched and followed by others who feel that they are lagging behind and seek advice and tips to compete and imp-lead.
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