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    Wait for breaking of dawn

    In everyone's life, there are so many ups and downs. Sometimes things go well and sometimes not. Most people face some problem in some phase of life and do not understand and remain unsure of where to go or to whom they should share their problems and take help. Some incidents are so brutal in the life that he/she may lose all the hopes in life and consider life as totally impossible. But at the same time, he/she must choose the best way to come out of the things that are happening. They must work for it and the Good time will again be floored.

    When you have lost something, somebody else won at the same time. But you should not lose hope as the Good time/ opportunity will come again and nothing is eternal in this world. Even the Bad time also passes and the Good time comes, and we usually say "this too shall pass' i.e. bad time shall pass. We must remember that there is hope in desperate situations as well. No matter how many hardships come your way, how bad the circumstances like dusk. The things would last and continue to be in good times. End of every Dusk is the beginning of new and beautiful Dawn. New Dawn is the beginning of a new day and a new life. Difficult situations will keep coming it is better to think differently, work hard and wait for the moment when all the things will start going up again. The decision before dawn is the most important thing. So, just hang on and wait for Dawn.

    My entry for the Topic based Thread of the Week contest for Dec '20
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    Patience is the key to the solving of many things in our lives. Setbacks will be there, failures will be there, bad times will be there, adverse situations will come in our lives, and so on but it is the patience which ultimately brings solace and then the new decision taking becomes easier. So, have patience and try for the next attempt which would definitely bring a change in our lives.
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    Good times and bad times are normal things in life and we find ourselves testing more when we have a bad time. If a person wishes, he can do his bad time for his own benefit, just as if a person can overcome his shortcomings. Because in bad times, things are not happening in our favor, then in such a time, keep yourself calm and work on yourself and let go of this bad time, through your positive thinking.

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    Every dusk brings darkness and every dawn brings light. Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes we have a good time and sometimes we undergo a bad time. This is simply part of life. This life shows us different situations and in every situation, we have to keep ourselves steady. When we have success and have a series of achievements our head should remain on our shoulders and when we face the unfavourable situation we should not be depressed or too much worried. We have to learn to live happily under all circumstances whether good or bad. When we are living happily we should think about those who need our help then we should extend our hand to support them. When we are in trouble we should try to keep us stopping from stretching our open hand before others.
    Dawn brings us hope. If we have deep darkness in the whole night we should not be worried, soon this darkness will disappear when the dawn appears in the sky and eventually, the light comes out of the thick darkness and gradually, the light of dawn snatches the colour of darkness.

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    Nice post from the author. Not all days would be favorable and winning for us and sometimes we are battered with so many challenges and bad happenings the whole day, surely we want to wait for the next day to happen because good things are bound to begin. Even the law of average says that every day may not be challenging. But what I felt that for a working person at the office having important post the Mondays and Saturdays seems to be more challenging because their would be tremendous pressure to get rid of pending works and expectations. So the next day would be surely relaxing and giving the rest for over thinking of brain and over work for body. One thing is sure every new sun rise would bring in fresh breath and fresh hopes for every one as we expect great things to happen during the day and that is the take of life.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Bad times and setbacks come in the life many times but we have to take them as a part of the life only because we do not have control on many things which bring misfortune to us. So we have to anyway keep a control on our sentiments and wait for the opportune time when luck is again with us and all our actions start yielding results in the expected ways. So we have to keep the hope and have patience.
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    If we take both the issues failures and success are the normal happenings in course of our attempts and any failure while concentrating on a job should not distract us from next attempts. Though it may appear as a philosophical approach but this is the essence of sustaining a healthy life. Such an approach does not create any complexity and we are very much clear about the outcome without producing any strain within our mindsets.
    A clear understanding of failure and success of any job is the two identities and hence it is not permanent in nature. So we must be able to withstand any shock of failures in our ongoing activities.

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