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    Dawn is of expectation and dusk is about reorganising.

    In the last two days many of us would have read the word 'dawn' many times from the various New Year greetings, mostly as Whatsapp messages. Some typical phrase and idioms we would have come across in them would be 'when the New Year Dawns...', 'the first dawn of 2021 ... ...' etc.

    Many of us understand the word as a new morning. However if we look in the dictionary it is more specific and slightly different from our general understanding. It is the twilight just before morning. Similarly the opposite 'dusk' is twilight before night. In Sanskrit and other Indian languages it is more clear as Praatah Sandhya and Saayam Sandhya, where Sandhya means twilight.
    However in our daily use, dawn and dusk are used mostly figuratively rather than in their literal sense.
    In India traditionally, both Sandhyas-the dawn and the dusk- are time for prayers. There are certain prescribed daily routines and observances as per Hindu tradition and way of life. Both are considered significant.

    While dawn is starting a new day with expectations dusk is reviewing of the dawn to dusk and with that experience preparing with hope for a still better new morning after the night.
    That is what Rajesh Walecha (Let's Talk) said – ""Dawn is to start and Dusk is to reorganize yourself for the new Dawn." In short, dawn is of expectations; dusk is of experience and re-equipping ourselves for a new dawn.
    This can be extended and expanded philosophically, hopefully on a new dawn.

    (This is an entry for TOW contest)
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    While I fully agree that the dawn is the expectations ,the dusk is interpretation of what has been put forth whole through the day. While the dawn can be on predetermined plan or through the sudden decision, the dusk cannot be a reorganizing factor. The dusk needs to be probed. needs to be analyzed and some people like these traits, but many think that it is there inability and thus highlighted.
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    The author has nicely mentioned our day to day affairs in terms of daily efforts and their results at the end of the day. It is interesting to note that dawn is the time for starting actions in our lives and by the dusk time we can review it as some results start pouring in and we get a feel of things as what would be the end result of our efforts and hard work that we have put up so far in those tasks. So, each day in our life is a testimony to the end results in shape of the scoreboard in which our efforts versus success or failures are mapped. Seeing these scores we have to move ahead.
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    Many people say this. When they go to sleep in the night, they will review their whole day's activity and try to plan the work for the next day. When they get up the next day morning before getting up they plan their whole day's activity. The same concept the author explained in this thread. Actually, dawn is a precursor to Daylight and Dust is a precursor to darkness. When we know that it is the dust we will put on our lights so that we need not be in dark for some time. As a matter of fact, we have to perform the Pooja in dawn itself so that our time after dawn will be good. In the same fashion, we have to pray in the dawn so that our wishes will be fulfilled.
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    In fact both the parameters dawn and dusk are important in our lives. Dawn would be referred to the time when we take up any planning to initiate a task and dusk is the opportune period for the review of our jobs already undertaken. We have seen such activities in different assignments such as construction activities, planning of students in the preparation of the subjects. Even the teachers of the different schools are engaged in their planning how best they can proceed with their subjects so as to finish their subjects effectively.
    So whatever be the activity, dawn and dusk come alternately suggesting the moment of initiatives to be taken in dawn and dusk is the moment of its reviews.

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    A very well scripted and well-caught word by the thought post from the writer. As many take the dawn as the new morning and very dusk as the end which is very figurative but when going deep into its literal and philosophical meaning which means the beginning and re-equipping oneself from the experience he/she got from the new morning or start. Very good entry and deserving special prize-winning article. Congratulations and keep on posting.
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