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    We may have desires but must have the capacity to achieve the same

    Aspiring to be great person in the society and circle is not a bad idea at all and becoming big should be the target of all. Though our desires are numerous and not achievable due to time constraints and nonsense thinking there is always a rekindled hope within that some thing great would happen and we are blessed with performance on par. In future think of those desires which are achievable within our striking range. What is the use of thinking for more and ending up nothing due to no capacity to think further.
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    Everyone has a will to imagine and desire for something in ones life but only a few have a capability and capacity to achieve that. There could be myriads of reasons for the failure but main is lack of efforts and stern competition in it. So, those who can overcome these two obstacles can definitely achieve even the unachievable targets. Success does not come just like that it requires continuous and sustained toiling.
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    The author is right. Everyone dreams to become successful in life. He wants to achieve something great which gives him popularity, money, status regardless of having not having required qualities. Who can stop him from dreaming? Nobody succeeds in his life unless he deserves to those achievements , however, some people succeed despite not having qualities because or perhaps it was in their destiny. I have seen such people. Destiny showered success upon them although they did not deserve.

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    But the desires must be reasonable to achieve and that should not be something new and unheard.
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    If desires grow beyond our capacity, chances of getting ruined in life are more. Our desires should be in such a way that we will be able to meet them with comfort financially. I can have a desire of having a car. I can procure it by taking a loan or from the reserves I have. But I should not have the desire of having a Benz car as it costs almost half a crore. But a person who is having crores of money can have a desire of having a Benz car.
    I know a family, where the desires are very high and their financial position is just above the middle-class people. But their desires are very rich. In getting their desires fulfilled they sold their properties and finally the have to shift to a rented house from their own house.
    We should keep our soul in our control. We should tell ourselves always, what is our affordability and then we can allow such desires only. Have desires but see that your desires will be fulfilled with your hard work but not at the cost of your health.

    always confident

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