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    The consensus between parties is important to settle the issues peacefully

    We may have seen the difference of opinion between two groups, two individuals or two organisation which at times escalates due to misunderstanding between parties to settle the dispute. The solution to the problem is based on mutual understanding and understanding the situation which could be better for both the parties. Altercation or confrontation only escalate the dispute and prolong the difficulties of the two parties.
    I think it is important both parties need to be sensible to settle the dispute. If anyone is not ready to settle the matter, bitterness rises and the situation could turn from bad to worse. That is why it is important to understand the situation and try to resolve the problem as early as possible in a friendly atmosphere and Without any confrontation.
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    Rightly said by the author that in democracy people elect political parties with the view that who shall rule them and who shall act as the formidable opposition. But invariably the ruling party feels that it need not give credence to opposition dissent voice and on the other hand the opposition should be constructive and not the obstructive way of approach which would snatch away the name and fame associated with such parties which are bound do ruin the party in the long run.
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    Consensus comes from cordial coexistence. When there is no cordial relations between the two groups then confrontations and conflicts will arise as a natural consequence of it. The problems and confrontations in the whole world are there which has arisen from these differing premises only. Generally the reasons behind conflicts is fight for the position and power and behind that agenda people pretend to talk about issues which are not there and we the public are seeing the imaginary issues in front of us as real. So, these ambitious people are making a fool of us in pursuit of the position and power to rule the country.
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    Yes. It is true. When two hands hit each other only sound will come and pain will be there for both the hands. If only one hand moves no sound will come. But if both the hands are stationery no pain and no problem. When there are two brains, there will be some difference of opinion in both. Both of them can talk to each other and settle the issues. Both the parties should have a proper understanding and should be ready to compromise to some extent for a peaceful closer of the issue.
    If even one party is not ready, it is not possible to close the issue peacefully. People working in the industries might have seen many strikes. Management and worker's union will be having some difference of opinions. They can sit and discuss the issue and finalise. But many times unless otherwise, they go for a confrontation the issue will never be finalised.

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    But unfortunately we have very weak opposition which creates more hurdles and does not even give constructive suggestions to bail out the crisis.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Consensus between two or more groups is essential practice for comprehensive progress of all involved-groups. Mutual understanding is obligatory for them quintessentially. If their is dispute and conflict instead of accord and consensus , no group can work freely. Overall impact on concerned entity which these groups are adherents to will be fatal quite immensely.
    Better understanding is mandatory on each group to run their organization smoothly. Smooth functioning is required for better results or qualitative productivity

    But selfishness is the norm of the day, you don't know what is the hidden agenda of any group to disrupt the whole process of consensus. Only one group can destroy the whole mission of all parties or groups involved in it. They need to point out which appears fishy and the same should be discarded immediately.

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