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    Every sunset brings the promise of new dawn

    Dharampal Gulati started his business working out of a 14ft. x 9 ft shop at Karol Bagh, Delhi. Today he is known as a 'Masala King' of India who exported his products to USA, Canada, UK and other Europian countries.

    If someone faces a tough time in the life then one should not forget that tough time doesn't last forever and one has to work hard to come out of this phase and must remember that these people who were once nobody becomes succesful because of their hard work.

    Today Dharampal Gulati is not among us but still we remember him because of his hardwork he came out of the hardships he faced. We should remember that sunset is not an end of the life but it promises the begining of the new dawn.
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    The author has given a good example of this great businessman who became famous for his MDH masala brand. He stood from the ground and reached every kitchen of India's home. His branded masala is exported to different countries. His life guides upcoming entrepreneurs to work hard with sincerity and complete dedication to their work.

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    It is true that every sun set paves the way for the new dawn. And we never ever bothered about the sun which does the duties daily in raising and set at the west and the strong lesson we learn between the dawn and the dusk is very important because even in our life no matter we may have mises, challenges and setback, the ongoing process of work should not stop and surely there is a ray of hope that everyone would be benefited in the long run. As the dusk happens every day, the bad moments of life also vanishes with day and a new hope and the new beginning is rekindled in our thoughts and that gives the best impetus to the moments of the day. One thing is sure we have to learn from the nature and the dawn and dusk are the two faces of the coin and we should be ready to enjoy even the trying times ahead.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The everyday rising sun brings light into our lives and we get busy with our day to day routine. In the evening, when we are free from our duties and works, the sun is also about to set. As the author said, the sunset gives us the promise for the next dawn. The Sun also teaches us that if the night has come after every evening in life, it is certain that dawn will come after every night. And if the night does not come after the day, then the balance of nature can deteriorate, so it is necessary a night as much as day, in such a situation, a person should never lose his morale.

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