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    It is just Dawn, Why it feels so different?

    It is just beginning of dawn and everyone's phone is either ringing or a notification sound and children in the house are wishing "Happy new year" with the usual "good morning". So what is there in this dawn that other dawns did not? It is a dawn of clean slate, It is a dawn of hope and thus somehow it is usual but somehow seems dawn of new beginning. People making resolutions for upcoming events of life although there is a full year ahead of uncertainties it is those uncertainties are wrapped nicely around a nice gift wrapper of hope with a message on it saying a happy new year. A completely normal, usual dawn what is there to celebrate in this, our planet just completed a rotation what is there to celebrate than. But it is a dawn of failed logics and expecting miracles to happen. It is a dawn of celebration. But is it really different or it's it just the usual dawn?
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    The author has put the question in the opening of her post why people start ringing in the morning on the first dawn of the new year and answers her question too but before closing her post she leaves quite a similar question to us.
    Since it's the dawn of first January this is why it's special, rest from 2nd January, it will be changed into an old story.

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    In fact every new dawn is the new beginning for the mankind and that trust and belief of starting the day with positive note brings lots of cheer and happiness in many faces. The day should begin with good wishes and good news so that the whole day can sustain any miss or the challenges. That is the reason being so people say good words, share good thoughts at the onset of the dawn and that proves that everyone wants to start the day with good mood and sustain the clarity of the living for the day. One thing is sure , we get highly motivated through the daily wishes from across the family members and friends and some are more creative in giving us the thought of the day process and thus knowledge know how is also in the offing. And for the children the wishes from their friends and relatives would up their quotient of happiness.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    On any particular day that everyone has been waiting for a long time, the morning of that day is somewhat different. We will not say it in the natural form because every morning of nature is a boon of a new day for our life, but some special mornings can also be different due to the high importance of certain days in our lives. For example, on the day of a child's birthday, on that day there is a feeling something like if he/she is a prince/princess of the house and today he/she will be arbitrary all day. The house members also make him feel special, and it starts as early as dawn.
    Swati Sharma

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    True. This dawn is also like any other dawn. But we have a system of labelling everything. We have to have a label for everything so that when necessary we can refer it easily. In this process, we have days, months and years. This classification is based on the earth's rotation around the sun. When the earth is completed one round around the SUN, it feels relaxed. So we celebrate that occasion. A new rotation starts and a new year begins.
    always confident

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    Every moment is special. Every day is special and unique and every age is unique and special. The same can be said for every instance we experience with a certain person. These are the rules the laws of nature and time. Respect these and you earn respect and success, disrespect these laws and you suffer shame and defeat. Nothing I repeat nothing in existence can overcome these laws except the one that is timeless and beyond all that can be thought and formed within the limited abstractions of human thought and language paradigims.

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    Yes this is dawn of special begining. When we all are fighting with the pandemic, this dawn has brought a hope to fight back with the pandemic. We cannot say that this dawn will bring anything special but we can only hope for the best as everything has uncertainties too.

    But being optimistic I wish this year we will definitely have the medicine for the cure of covid with which the whole world suffered physically, mentally and financially. Many people died with the disease and many of us lost the job. Hopefully this dawn is the beginning of the end of the pandemic.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Humans have earmarked certain dates and times as related to some important thing in our lives and once that is established people follow it blindly. Every dawn is similar and there is no difference between the two. But the one falling on the nominated day becomes important. Nowadays there is a practice that people wait for the clock to strike 12 in the night at which moment the date changes and then they wish happy birth day to their beloved showing that they were the first to do so. So, this is only a matter of conviction of fixing dates and time for certain important things in our lives.
    Knowledge is power.

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