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    Who are we to stop the happenings?

    The living of mankind in this part of earth sometimes gives the astonishing thoughts as the happenings around us are not pre-determined and we get baffled over such happenings that may create a shock and awe within us. A grand mother was speaking to her grand daughter over the phone and suddenly collapse on the ground and the little child goes on talking unmindful of what has happened the other side and just imagine what the child would undergo when the reality is known that the grand mother is no more. Surely we have nothing to stop the happenings.
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    This is an interesting observation by the author. We as humans always think that we are doing such and such thing and result would be like that and our lives will be more happier and prosperous. Unfortunately, it is not like that and there is a famous saying also in this context that I will like to mention - Man proposes, God disposes. This simply means that we can do our efforts but can never be sure of the results as there are many mysterious and unknown things that can happen at any time and we will be simply staring at it with sorrow and despair. Life is a big mystery and many times it so happens that while escaping from one danger we are trapped in the jaws of another danger.
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    Yes.What the author has just described is the theory of fate. However, it is also true that modern science and technology has many answers to complex questions. For instance, massive advancement in medicine has made people live longer and healthier. There are many youngsters who are making a big impression in terms of serving the poor. Hence, efforts also make a big difference.

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    The author has raised an interesting issue. It shows that nothing is in our hands and we do not know what happens next moments. Despite all advancement and progress of human race we are still a play thing in the hands of time. When situation changes or time takes turn then it toss a human being like a small toy and he can't do anything.

    You might have remembered when Tsunami came almost a decade a ago in south east asia, how terrible waves of ocean played with human race. Big ships and aeroplanes were floating along with water. Waves were so high as if a big mountain was coming towards the city gobble up. People were helpless. They were crying and nobody could help one another.

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    The author has posted a very good thread for discussion. The author is right to say that such things happen in life that is not controlled by humans. No matter how much effort we try, but some things are done only by the will of that superpower. In today's time, there are different diseases found around us, and they are also possible to cure people, but if some people get well from the treatment, then, on the other hand, some people can not be saved by any treatment. There are many situations that tell us that when God wills, humans cannot change it. But this also does not mean that a person should stop applying his efforts.

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    True. We think everything is in our control. But it is not true. If everything in our control why COVID 19 spread like this? The final say is not ours. Destiny will have a role to play always. One of my distinct relatives was suffered from COVID 19. She was admitted to the hospital. Medicines gave a positive response. She was tested COVI 19 negative. The whole family is happy. Almost 10 lakhs rupees were spent. The next day morning she was to be discharged from the hospital. That night at 3 AM, she got a heart attack and collapsed. That is nothing but destiny. If she was not treated she might have died with COVID but now she died with heart stroke. Death has to come. It came. So nothing is in our hands. We can't stop the things which are supposed to happen.
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    Rightly said we cannot stop the happenings. Our life has uncertainty . Who knows a healthy person going on the road suddenly has an accident and dies on the spot so we should live in the present without worrying about the future. I always believe on the same and make my present happy at any cost. It's strange that few people worry more about the future and save money for their future living their present life miserably.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
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    Destiny or fate written on our pate cannot be deleted or changed or erased or edited or altered or amended. Whatever has to happen will happen. Technology has not advanced to read and understand the destiny of a person.
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    We can only do efforts and hard work as much as we like and as much as we can endure but the result is not in our hands. Sometimes results are favourable and sometimes not but what matters is hard work and we have to continue it. Future events are not in our control. We cannot change the direction of the events. If they have to happen then they will. We cannot stop them.
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    It is true no one can imagine what will happen on the next minute. No modern science and technology helps in this connection. Even a person with hale and healthy lost his breath suddenly. I have seen personally that my wife who prepared tiffin for dinner on march 20th, 2015, she took dinner with us. She was arranging her sloka books for next day parayan at Temple, but suddenly lied back and died. She was not at all having any setback.
    Last year,a relative of mine who have no health problem let his wife and children into the father in law's house as some minor repair work was going on in their house. After taking some breakfast and by assuring them that he would come for lunch and after lunch he would take them to his house. He went to that house and when he was just explaining the contract person about the work, he just hold his chest and died.
    Nobody is in this world to stop the happenings.

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