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    The dawn never acted as don

    Everyday we wake up to the new dawn and new beginning. If the day was good and happier we take the credit of hard work and pat ourselves for the abilities in achieving the success. But when we confront the failures we blame it on dawn as if it cursed our life and the dawn is made responsible for the mises and challenges we faced during the day. The dawn never acted as don for that matter, it is the wrong perception created withing us and blame it on the nature system which does its sincere duties and not expect anything in return.

    Editors may not think that I shared this as the second entry. Something came across and shared this.
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    The author has unique idea I never heard about it that people who are successful during the day they attribute their success to their hard work but if they don't succeed they blame it dawn for failures.

    Success or failure should not be attributed to any other thing except our own mistakes. Sometimes, we fail to achieve what we have intended and despite using all our efforts quite sincerely and focussing our mind on whole process which we carry out for success don't get positive result, most probably, we might have done mistake or someone who might be a in position to influence our work might have played his role to harm us or for any other reason which we ignored while materalizing our planning which might have been missed or left by us.

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    Good. The dawn is never a don. It is a guest role player only. But even a guest role will attract us by the talent of the actor who acted. That is nature.
    But human beings are not like that. Everyone wants to own the success but not the failures. That is always true. Personally, I feel it is not good. Accept failure and try to come out of that problem by taking necessary actions. If success is due to somebody else, acknowledge the same and appreciate the person. That is always the correct way.
    But many of us will never do that. We always try to throw the blame on somebody else.

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    This is an interesting post. We take credit for our successes but blame the destiny or bad luck for our failures. It is not a good thing as it indicates duality of our nature. Boasting ones achievements have no meaning unless one accepts the failures also with then same attitude. Many of us do this mistake of attributing bad times to the fate and taking credit for the good results.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The dawn cannot act as don and there is no point in blaming anyone for our failures. There is a good old proverb 'Morning Shows the day' which signifies that how the day will progress can be understood from the atmosphere in the morning. If there is bright sunshine in the morning, it can be said the weather will be good till the end of the day though we all know in reality it can change anytime. Similarly, from the activities of a child, it can be predicted how things will shape up when the child will become an adult. All these things are guesswork and it doesn't always prove right in reality. Actually, most of the time rather than looking at ourselves, we try to look at the fault of others and either try to find some excuse or blame others if we are unable to get the desired result. I think this has become the nature of many of us and we try to find out a culprit for our faults.

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