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    Have the attitude "yes I can do it"

    We are alone responsible for our progress or the setbacks in life and when we plan every moves with great care and precision then nothing can go wrong. But the confidence level within us should come to the fore and that would decide "yes I can do it" attitude. Nothing is impossible in this world provided we had the guts and determination to achieve anything even in adverse conditions and that would prove that we are great winners in ordinary times as we had successfully overcome the hard times with ease.
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    Nothing is impossible in this world and one has to try the impossible things as untill you won't try you cannot judge it if it's possible or not. There are chance you may complete an impossible task if you try it but if you don't you won't be able to.

    There are people who even don't try a task by making a perception that they won't be able to do it. Their rate of achieving the success is lesser than the people who take risks. Therefore we must try things without thinking it that we won't be able to do them.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    The author is right that we should have positivity in our commitment to doing efforts for success. All adverse situations disappear before the sterling faith, perseverance, consistency, courage and self-confidence. Life has different shades, we can't expect that situation will appear as we desire to see but the point is that we should keep our courage intact. We should never be discouraged while undergoing any untoward situations. They come and go but it is essential and obligatory for us to keep our hope alive in such adverse circumstances. Nothing can stop us from achieving our goal.
    Those who fail to sustain their courage while facing negative and adverse situation don't succeed in their efforts. They fail because they have no positive thinking while facing negative realities with negative thinking. They remain behind others or they are marginalized because of their own faults and shortcomings.

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    We meet many such people around us in the world or see such people who do not lose their restraint even in the most difficult situation and continue to face the challenges of life by trusting themselves. Such people teach us how to live if you give up on life itself. People have made new discoveries in the world, this proves that human beings are the creatures of nature, and a man can do anything that he wants to do, the most important thing which we need is our confidence and self-encouragement.

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    Yes, I can do it! This is a positive sentence and it can en outage people to loft themselves to achieve something difficult. Because every word be it positive or negative has an impact on the psyche of an individual. Only courage and hard work push a person more towards the victory.
    A positive approach and developing a hardworking behaviour always pay in the long run. When a person says I can do it, nobody can stop him from completing it. It is will power and determination that helps him stay intact and work hard to achieve success. So, it is good to develop a positive approach rather than being pessimistic and cynical!

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    A positive attitude will always help us in doing things successfully. When we look at work with a positive attitude, we will feel that we will be successful in the assignment and we can do it. But when we start looking at the work with doubt in the mind we will find all problems only and we may get a negative feeling only and we may think we can't do it. This is a fact.
    There are two ways to look at any assignment. How to do it? is one such way. In this process, you will try to find the various alternatives that are available with you for doing the work. In this process starting itself you took a decision that you will do it. That is why this approach is the best approach.
    The second-way os Can I do it? This is a doubtful approach. First of all, you have to decide on to carry on the work or not. This approach is not good.

    always confident

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    Confidence and positive mindset are the essential ingredient for going for a project or task. Without those attributes it is not possible to start the task in a good spirit. The job might be easy or difficult but the exact situation would be known only after we undertake it. Some people have positive mindset and they always assume that they can do a job whatever it is. That type of confidence is required.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Yes!!! I agree that one should have self confidence to accept the challenges. At times we need to have courage to say I cannot do this or I need some help to do this. Yes, there are certain limitations to every human being. Accepting certain tasks which are of no interest to us or certain tasks beyond our capabilities will lead a man into stressful situations. During such situations, we should have courage to say "Yes, I can but I need some help".

    Push yourself to go beyond boundaries but have a close watch on your mental health.

    Your assigned task should be between what you already know and what is beyond your abilities. Those are called challenges. Any work beyond your abilities is stressful!!!
    Challenging yourself is good.
    Persistent stress is dangerous.

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