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    Will Mamtha come back to power?

    I really do not know much about West Bengal. But Mamtha is a well known name. Her bold moves to contain a communal party are well known. This particular party seems to have succeeded in attracting a number of people from Mamtha's party.

    However, reports indicate that Mamtha's record in terms of welfare programs is really good. She seems to have concentrated on the basics. He was widely seen as a sort of left alternative to the left, with a modern face. But where is she today? Will she win the Bengal elections? What is the truth? Of course, am all for defeating the communal party everywhere in India and not just in West Bengal.
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    This time it is not possible for Mamata Banerjee to win the West Bengal elections because there is a third alternative in the name of Congress + Left and the MIM party is also going to contest the elections. The electorate of West Bengal are almost divided on the communal lines. The majority are now with BJP and the minority will be divided among Mamata, MIM and Congress + Left. Mamata started her party against the appeasement politics of the Left government. Hence the majority supported her. But now, she started the appeasement politics, hence the majority people are now turned against her.

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    Nothing can be predicted what happens in West Bengal. BJP with all its might is coming in this elections and wants to topple Mamta government. But ground situation is not in favour of BJP despite all its efforts. What happens in coming days, is a matter of curiosity for none bengalis. BJP will not give up until the results are declared.
    Both parties are throwing allegations to each other but what is in mind of local voters can not be predicted.
    If Congress, left and other party fought well, Mamta may get a setback because these parties will snatch the vote bank of TMC. It is also expected that AIMIM is also contesting elections. If this party snatches the Muslims vote, it will harm Mamta.

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    She was the good ruler and everyone appreciated her. She has become more stubborn and not implementing the center projects and thus denying the benefits to the state. She has no second in command and her autocratic rules are having lots of criticism inside the rank of file of own cadre. The local leaders of TMC and the other parties are at logger heads even on small issues and thus the hate flares into big quarrel and even deaths. This fear created by TMC has forced the leaders to change their stance to support other parties and the shift of powerful Minister Suvendu with others to the BJP proved that Mamta's days are numbered in WB. She needs to be appreciated to break the Left rule for over 25 years when Jyothi Basu was at the helm, but she changed a lot having tiff with Congress and the BJP and thus left alone in national politics.
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    Anything is possible in politics in India. Mamata may lose or she may win. She may form the government on her own or may form the government by joining another party. There are mixed reports. The main problem is that after her there is no strong leader in that party. If you take TRS of Telangana, KTR is thereafter KCR. But in TDP Lokesh is not efficient. Like this in TMC also no strong personality after her. No leader has been given that chance to work independently. This may be the reason for many leaders who want to grown are shifting their loyalties from TMC to other parties. If MIM supports, Congress + Left may come into power.
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    Politics is a strange game of power and position. Different parties tackle it differently. There are leaders who have great liaison with the common masses and they pull good votes and rule the state. But opposition parties are also well aware of the tricks of the trade and try to disturb the political equilibrium between the successful leader and the common public and some gullible people start feeling the opposition as a viable alternative. The anti establishment wave also fuels this aspect. Finally the disgruntled will put the last nail in the coffin replacing the present leader with the alternative one and the politics would survive in its own way.
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    According to some hearsays that some leaders of TMC who were involved in corruption charges have joined BJP. I don't know what the truth is behind it but it's also a fact that everything is possible in politics.

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    One thing is sure the educated lots of WB are fed up with the one sided thought process of the Didi who brought the bad repute than the good name to the state. Many are fuming inside as they cannot vent their feelings fearing attack from the TMC cadre and thus waiting for the right time take vengeance during the elections as they are bracing up to elect and select BJP for the fist time. The people has seen the rule of left parties, TMC and now want to give the chance for BJP and that would prove to be the game changer in the history of India. There has been much ground level effort from the BJP to woo the best leaders from TMC so that the party can be weakened before the elections are announced to the state. Didi has the reservations against the Congress as she criticised Rahul Gandhi many times so for her no frinds.
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    Mamata didi is definitely a key figure in the West Bengal politics and it is not so easy to replace him by the other contestants. She has a following and a large number of voters. Only problem which may come is that she may not be able to get more seats like earlier and her party may not come in power. But there are many factors and we cannot conjecture anything at this point of time.
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