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    What are the new things you observed during COVID-19?

    Are you interested in knowing people's experiences during Covid -19? Looking out for observations and inferences from everone around you? Here, on this page our experts shall provide you with answers to all your queries.

    We have gone through worldwide Pandemic in 2020, and 2021 has just begun. I would like to know your observation on this. Few changes. What are the 'new things' you have observed during or after COVID-19? You can share or explain your real-time experience passed by.
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    There was a phenomenal progress in the areas of Science and Technology in the last few centuries and last few years were also in the same line and the world was progressing to the next level of the developed society where artificial intelligence will run the routine life and there will be a paradigm shift in the ways of human lifestyle and social setups. Unfortunately in the mid of that progress path the unprecedented biological threat in the form of corona virus stuck the mankind and the situation changed from a progressive stage to a dreadful defending stage. So this was a great blow to the society as well as the existing systems as the human race suddenly found that they are not equipped well to fight with such natural disaster which are biological in their nature. Though there are good efforts to find out the vaccine for this ailment but still there are some doubts persisting in the minds of research community due to the quick mutations being observed in this particular virus. The biological mutations are based on the survival mechanisms in the nature and in many cases the new species of the virus could be more dreadful than the earlier ones.

    Anyway the humans have now started to live with this virus through a series of precautions and cautions and some people feel that with adequate care and social distancing the virus can be contained to its lowest level. But the question is that for how long we will be able to follow this forced lifestyle change.

    With this background now I come to the changes that we have witnessed and our faults which we have realised during this pandemic and some of the important ones are -

    1. In our blind race for development we have ignored the nature and environment and in long run it would not forgive us for this atrocity and it now it would be better for us to take full care of our environment and surroundings in a better and sustained manner.

    2. When any such disaster strikes it does not distinguish between the communities and people and treat everyone in the same way. So it teaches us a big lesson that we should care for our fellow humans and see that equitable sharing of wealth and justice is to be provided to all the people across the globe.

    3. Another thing, that pertains to having confidence on the modern medicine system, is that we should not be thinking that we have achieved the apex of medical sciences, in fact we are simply learning and adding more to the existing knowledge and if we say that we are still in the beginning of the learning path it would not be an underestimation of the situation.

    4. During the pandemic time we witnessed an unprecedented warmth and helping attitude of the people for the fellow beings and it was really an enchanting site to see that happening.

    5. People in general have realised that there is something above us whether you call it the nature or God or superpower and they are just like a tiny creature in this universe.

    6. It has also brought a philosophical look to life as everything we have earned would remain here and we would be leaving this world one day sooner or later.

    Knowledge is power.

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    COVID19 taught us very new things in our daily lives.
    The importance of cleanliness is reestablished with the emergence of COVID19
    People started practising some good habits which were taught earlier but neglected thinking that those practices are as waste. The following are my observations.
    1. People hugging each other and shaking hands are reduced to a lot extent. People started wishing each other with folding both the hands keeping them together. Namaskaram has become a universal phenomenon.
    2. People started cleaning their feet and hands when they come back home after completing their works outside. The important thing I noticed is that they are entering the house only after washing their feet.
    3. Some people are changing their clothes as soon as they come home and wearing another dress before they eat or drink anything. This is a good old practice. But we all discontinued thinking that this is waste. But with the experience with COVID, many restarted the same.
    4. Many people completely stopped eating anything outside. But slowly restarted eating out. But not like earlier. After March 2020, we have not even taken tea outside the house.
    5. There is a good reduction in traffic and pollution levels came down. Even in cities also we see some crows and sparrows in the mornings on the trees.
    6. Waste expenses are reduced. No eating out, no going for movies or tours etc. Entertainment only in the house with TV and Phones.
    7. IT employees were fond of working from home before COVID. But now they are averse for it and waiting eagerly to go to the office.
    8. Online cash transactions increased. Online purchases increased.
    9. Contacting people online or conducting meetings online or talking over phone increased.
    10. Lot of changes in the education system. Online teaching on the peak. Now we students with headphones, computer and smartphone always.
    11. Many people went back to the villages from cities and IT people are working from their villages. This is giving rise a chance to IT companies to reduce their overheads and logistics expenses.
    12. Many students who couldn't complete their 10th and 12th class completed their examinations and passed.
    13. Travelling to long distance by own cars increased. Using taxis reduces.
    14. People realised the importance of Nature and understand how they are inferior before Nature.
    15. Cooperation among the people increased.
    Like this, there are many changes I have seen.

    always confident

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