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    Why divide and rule politics cannot work in Tamil Nadu

    Making ridiculous statements against a major minority religion day in and day out does no help to anyone in Tamil Nadu. This is one unique State where people of all religions co-exist happily and are welcome to have their own faiths. In fact, people love to really adapt to such cultures. For example, a number of Sikhs have settled down in Tamil Nadu and in Chennai. They gave their own Association and also run a highly reputed Arts and Science College called the Guru Nanak College. People from Gujarat have settled down in thousands and form the backbone of a big area called Sowcarpet.

    Similarly, Christians and Muslims run quality institutions and even hospitals of very high standing. The people hate the antics of the BJP that is desperately trying to divide people and consolidate on the Hindu votes. However, the DMK, in particular, has a fabulous record of social justice-oriented development that has led to the all-round development of the State with the highest level of infrastructure development in terms of very good roads, bus transport, industries, technical institutions, public hospitals and so on.

    Corruption is as good or bad as in other States. People look at the overall picture. The BJP State leaders act as if they are demi-Gods. With a 3% vote share, they cannot achieve anything in Tamil Nadu. Let the BJP try to develop solid leaders who can do constructive politics. Otherwise, it will stand to lose even the 3% vote share it has now.
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    How long Tamilnadu can stop campaigning strategy of BJP and how long you people can resist to them. Sooner or later they will capture your state also. Some of the members of your state like BJP, how you can deny that other people are not following BJP.

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    What I feel that a silent change is going to take place even baffling the political analysts of the state. The people have seen and fed up with the corrupt practices of both the Dravidian parties and even gave them one term rest to mend their ways , but that is not taken as the lesson and for both Dravidian parties the iconic leaders have died and thus creating a great vacuum for able leadership. In this back drop Rajnikanth who earlier planned to plunge into politics has now backed out and thus paving way for BJP to stake claim. So I am sensing a clear change in the minds of Tamil Nadu voters who are fed up with both Dravidian parties without formidable leaderships and thus people does not want to vote who have occupied the chair under compulsion and were sustaining the presence with only one excuse that the state should not be burdened with mid term polls.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Mohan Sir can live his dream. The BJP can never win in Tamil Nadu as it is widely seen and recognized as a communal party.

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    Sivakumar, while I choose not to contest your argument that BJP may not win or make any notable inroads in the Tamil Nadu political arena, I can't help commenting on your claims about people from different parts of the country who have settled there. It may please be noted that the scene is not much different in most other parts of India too. Even in Kerala, we have lot many Punjabi, Gujarathi and people from other parts of the country who have settled here since ages. I think most of the States will be having people from other states, some of them might have settled there and some might have been there for a very long time. So, that does not create any special or peculiar political or social atmosphere in Tamil Nadu.

    Coming to elections, let us not forget that Tamil Nadu is one of the states where the flow of money is the highest during elections. The state still has a majority who can turn the exit polls upside down by taking money and other freebies. It is one of the states where so many things, including television and other household items like utensils etc are given away freely to the poor and socially backward people as soon as the trumpet for the polls is blown. Though I agree that the political awareness of the people of Tamil Nadu, in general, is much higher than many other states, I still feel that there is a considerable chunk who can be influenced. And it is this scenario that will be exploited by the BJP in addition to the existing confusion in the AIADMK and the DMK. If reports are to be believed, the BJP has already started making moves to take the infamous Sasikala into confidence and Subramaniam Swamy is the undeclared mediator.

    To be really frank, we can't really predict that the BJP won't make inroads into Tamil Nadu politics. With the swaying leaders in the Anna DMK and the internal tussle in the DMK and the degree of probability of influencing a section of the people, the BJP will surely pull out all its cards to ensure that they get a chance. Just as a note, let us not forget that when it comes to power, the BJP does not believe in ethics, of any nature.

    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    Saji Sir, you are correct. People from other States have settled in other States too. However, what makes a big difference in both Kerala and Tamil Nadu is that the Congress party still has a higher vote share than the communal BJP.

    Yes. Every party spends money. But since the BJP is widely hated by the people of Tamil Nadu, it cannot make any inroads. Already a wide section of the AIADMK is widely seen as opposed to the alliance with the BJP. The DMK projects itself as the only party that can save Tamil Nadu from the Hindi invasion. Worse, the BJP is widely seen as the party that wants the Brahmins to rule. Its communal agenda can never work in Tamil Nadu.

    Yes. There is a possibility that the BJP will form the long term and just forget 2021. It will support Sasikala to break the party with the support of OPS who is a worse politician than even EPS. Both are puppets in the hands of Sasikala, but since the people already hate the Mannargudi Mafia of which Sasikala is the leader, neither OPS nor EPS will gain anything in the process of the split.

    There is a possibility that the two leaves symbol may be frozen through a case in the court. In that case, the breakaway AIADMK headed by Palanisamy will find it very difficult to challenge the DMK. In either case, the BJP cannot wag its tail like it has done in Bihar. Rajnikant is a distilled idiot. His words would not have won him any votes at all. Now that he is away, the BJP will play for the long term. Be sure, the Dravidian style of politics and the support that the Dravidian parties enjoy among the non-Brahmins of the State, as a whole, is simply huge.

    Amit Shah is seen as a manipulator. Modi is seen as a Hindi fanatic. Neither of these two guys has any chance of doing anything in Tamil Nadu, at the moment. The DMK will wait and watch all the fun and with its solid 34% support, it can simply win by getting the other 11% anti-establishment vote. Already, there are reports that the AIADMK men are being bribed to work for the DMK. Please do remember, Karunanidhi's record of welfare programs and his solid record of bringing IT to Tamil Nadu, has no parallel anywhere in India. Even today, the huge IT companies select at least 60 percent of their manpower from the Tamil Nadu colleges, and this includes people from all over India. There are at least 15 world-class engineering colleges and four good deemed Universities that have made a big difference.

    The DMK and the AIADMK are both corrupt, but their record of achievements ( particularly the DMK) can never be wiped away from the minds of the voters of Tamil Nadu. The BJP and its local leaders are mere jokers.

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    The simple understanding is this - DMK and AIADMK are the deep-rooted Baniyan like Dravidian trees that cannot be uprooted easily by the Aryans' BJP. If AIADMK makes any alliance with BJP, DMK will have an added advantage to win the election. Divide and rule policy won't be effective in Tamilnadu. In Tamilnadu politics, BJP has very little space or no space to poke in their nose. They had some hope with actor Rajnikanth and have lost it. For the Tamils, BJP is Videshi. The Sikhs and Gujaratis in and around Tamilnadu are hardly any numbers to favour BJP. Their vote bank doesn't help BJP or any other communal party.
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    The author must be baffled by the way spade work has already began in TN to unseat the Dravidian parties and for a chance people want to given BJP the reigns and it is going to happen.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mohan Sir is probably a clear Modi Bhakth and an RSS core philosophy supporter, I guess. Though he is from Tamil Nadu, he does not appear to know anything about what is going on in the field. He is unaware about Hydrocarbons issue or the 8 lane issue or the disastrous firing in Tuticorin where 13 people were killed for protesting against the Sterlite plant. Whatever they have talked against the interests of the Tamil Nadu people is very much on record. It is in the public domain.

    The BJP local leaders do not understand anything at all. The DMK has been voicing its concern about all dangerous developments. It is a rock-solid party and the support for the party is not something that has come just like that. Let our Bhakths wait till May 2021. He will see it for himself.

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    In our country in many states regional parties are well established and author has already mentioned they are as good in corruption as leaders in other state and local people are happy with these parties and so naturally any new party like BJP will have difficulty to make inroads in Tamil Nadu. There is nothing much a matter of pride in feeling so. BJP is not a communal party as it is doing same welfare to all religions and taking the things at a national level. Once the people understand the value of BJP party in the national perspective then they will start to vote for it.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Sorry Sir. Please do refer to any talk of any BJP leader and how they are deliberately trying to divide the nation. The process of Hindu consolidation of votes is fine if it is non-violent; unfortunately, like the 2001 Gujarat riots, they have systematically incited violence.

    The Congress party never did what these guys are doing. The economic mess of the BJP is there for all to see. Yet, am not so sure why intellectuals like yourself still believe that the BJP is doing good for all. Such a communal party should be defeated everywhere.

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    People of Tamilnadu might vote for BJP to govern the center, but not to govern the State of Tamilnadu.
    Mr. ABS,
    I would appreciate if you could stop attacking members using third grade words like Bhakht etc. You being educated and a decent writer, should know how to write decently in the forum section.

    No life without Sun

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    SuN Sir, am shocked. You know Bhaktha is nothing but a disciple. For example, we often say he is a Muruga bakthar and so on; it is not a bad word at all.

    Yet, if I have hurt you, or Mohan Sir, am sorry. I think you know Tamil well. Bakthar is not at all a bad word. Am sorry once again. Of course, you seem to be a lot more informed. The BJP can never do anything here.

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    Sivakumar, with reference to the response by Sun, as has been repeatedly suggested and advised, you need to avoid this fascination for unwarranted and unnecessary use of adjectives.

    Coming to your responses, let me first reply to your point about imposing Hindi. Firstly, I don't think anyone is trying to impose Hindi. The BJP is trying to popularise Hindi as the main language of India, not because of their love for the language but just to send across the message that they are here for all that is Indian, a part of their propaganda to underline their self-projected view as the soldiers of nationality. But tell me one thing. If Tamilians working in the North or in other parts of the State can speak Hindi as they need to, why they should feel horrified if Hindi is made one of the languages (compulsory or otherwise) that need to be taught in schools?

    And what do you mean by Hindi invasion? DMK and especially Karunanidhi had his own political reasons for triggering the anti-Hindi movement. But we need to assess whether he was practical in his outlook. Just a related point in between. When you say that the BJP is trying to divide people on the basis of religion, don't you think Karunanidhi was instrumental in creating a divide between Tamilians and the rest of India? I do firmly think so. It is ridiculous that you speak against divide and rule on the one hand and support dividing the nation based on region, language and race on the other.

    Again, I don't think your assertion that Tamilians hate the BJP is well-founded. I think BJP has indeed been able to establish a ground, may not be strong enough though, in the State.

    I strongly support criticism of any government, party, their policies or politics in general but am of the firm opinion that the criticism should be constructive and must not be based on emotional outbursts or inclinations.

    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    If I am branded as BJP Bhakt for being supporting the reality then the author is the true supporter of the corrupt party DMK which is more damaging than BJP in the long run because we know that party is the Brahmin hater and they would all such things to prevent our sect to develop once they wrest power from AIADMK. And BJP is trying to prevent this happening and that is why my full support to that party. By the way the author has been very much underestimating the might of BJP just because he is concentrating on few pockets and feel that all is not well for BJP. But the mind set of Tamil Nadu is changing. If they want to compete and develop with other states, the people should vote for those party which is in power at the center and the TN people are denying this happening every time and thus stranded.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr ABS,
    Bhakt is an excellent word when we use it for devotees of God. But not in a way that you think and write like Modi Bakht, BJP Bhakt etc. The suitable word is Modi follower or BJP follower. Think twice before you write.

    No life without Sun

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    SuN Sir, it is fine. Am sorry for the word. Now Saji Sir, I think you have got everything wrong. Kindly note that the Dravidian style of politics may have its flaws. But it has several advantages too.

    Now, as you and Mohan Sir are trying to point out, my support for the DMK is not blind support. Yes. They were also corrupt. But the so-called national party, the BJP is as corrupt or if not more corrupt when compared to even the Congress. For example, Saji Sir, can you please tell me the bank account from which an entire lot of money was transferred to give Rs.100 crores to each Congress MLA to switch sides so that the most corrupt Yeddy can be back in power/

    Now, the issue of Hindi imposition. Yes. It is true that Keralites or Tamils or the Telgu people or any other State, go on to speak Hindi whenever and wherever they are required to. But forcing people to learn a language is atrocious. For example, do you know that the Hindi Prachar Sabha branches in the whole of Tamil Nadu, have the maximum enrolment in terms of eager Hindi speakers? Did the DMK or the AIADMK not support such a move? And you are trying to say that the BJP wants to promote Hindi as if speaking it is the only criteria for being "Indian". This is not true at all. I do beg to differ with you and let that remain where it is.

    The BJP is the worst communal cancer in India. I really do not know how you and other Members continue to support this cancer. They have successfully divided the nation. The State BJP leaders are the worst of leaders you can find anywhere. They are all absolute distilled idiots.

    The corrupted CM wants to give all Government contracts only to his relatives and indulge in massive corruption. The AIADMK is the worst corrupted party of India. It still is.

    Now, coming back to the DMK, do you know that it was the same Karunanidhi who brought in the 69% reservation for the other backward classes and the backward classes and the SC/ST. I may be a Brahmin by birth, but I believe in a society where everyone gets an opportunity to study well. And to her credit, the imperious and corrupt Jayalalitha gave legal protection to this 69% reservation. I do not know if you have read any book on the economic impact of this policy. Please do read at least the articles. When I go to Chennai, I will get you a list of some books. I do not have access to them because I cannot travel now due to health reasons.

    The entire State has developed. Karunanidhi did not stop here. He developed several industrial estates like the Sriperambadur and the Oragadam industrial estates near Chennai. What were once sleepy villages are now part of Chennai city literally, as the Government aims at expanding the city to 100 kilometers in all three directions. (along the sea coast the development cannot happen in a big way, due to the environmental factors. Yet, this area is also developing). Now, what happens when people are educated? The hundreds of thousands of diploma holders and engineering graduates have been employed in the industrial estates and in the SEZs like the Mahindra World City and the Tada SEZ.

    The cumulative employment, that is, both direct and indirect, is a cool 15 lakh people. That is, families. And then there has been industrial development at Kanchipuram as well. Yes. Do you know that the DMK was less corrupt than the AIADMK, as the latter has looted around one lakh crores?

    Hindi imposition is a big reality. I really do not remember which Kerala Chief Minister. The Hindi fanatic Mulayam Singh Yadav, when he was the Union Minister, wrote a letter to the Kerala CM in Hindi? Do you know what happened? The Kerala CM replied in Malayalam.

    Do you know that is a true story from Bangalore? A stupid IT guy from UP, who lived ( I do not know if he still lives there) had ordered something from some nearby restaurant at well after 10 PM. The poor guy as a bit late. The IT fellow blasted the poor boy in Hindi and talked nonsense against the Kannada language, as the boy did not understand Hindi. The Swiggy boy complained to his boss, who filed a case in the court. The next day, the Kannada associations took to the streets. The IT fellow was arrested. Within a few months, this became a prestige issue.

    Hindi as a link language is different from being the sole language. The BJP wants Hind, Hindutwa, and the so-called Hindustan. It can never succeed. Saji Sir and others are free to have their own views. But we will resist Hindi imposition in every form. Please do note that I support the hapless Hindi guys who do all sorts of unskilled jobs in my own little way, with the help of Lions Club and so on. We are not against anyone. We welcome bullies from the BJP. But they need to behave and not try their dirty games here. We will thrash them thoroughly.

    And remember, the BJP is now seen as a Brahmin party. It has received this perception because of one fellow called Gurumurty. The less said the better about this fellow. God save the nation from the BJP. We will, of course, save Tamil Nadu. And Saji Sir, my own cousins, who live in Nagpur for decades, writes in Hindi magazines!! To develop a taste for a lan guage should happen voluntarily. One cannot force it on people.

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    Sivakumar, you have not answered two of my simple direct questions. One- How do you say that Hindi is being forcefully imposed? Two- How do you justify your support for a party which is trying to divide the nation based on region, race and language when you are vociferously critical of the BJP which is trying to divide the nation based on religion? Can I have a straight answer without much diversions?
    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    Saji Sir. Under the new Education Policy, Hindi is sought to be pushed as a compulsory third language and the fourth language is said to be optional. Actually, the original idea was to allow the Govt school student to learn any language of his choice as the third language. However, we are afraid that only Hindi will be thrust on people here. This is exactly what we call imposition. For example, if the student is given a choice of choosing between three languages Kannada, Telugu and Hindi, the local unit of the BJP will go on applying pressure on the students to choose Hindi. If the student himself or herself chooses Hindi, no issues. This is totally against the two language policy that we, the people of Tamil Nadu have always said is our policy. It is the BJP that is seeking to divide us. We are not against Hindi. We have said anyone who wants to study go and study Hindi there. I hope you understand the difference.

    The second question of yours. The DMK and the then CM, Mr.M. Karunanidhi did not divide the State on the basis of religion or language or race. Am shocked at the lack of your knowledge about any ground reality.

    You see, we were against Hindi imposition as already explained above. Hindi has swollowed other Indian languages as well. Do you know that Ms. Jaya Bachchan spoke that the Marathi people should give more importance than even Marathi, their own native language? Do you know that the then firebrand Val Thakerey threatened to beat all the Hindiwallahs up?

    Cut to Tamil. We do not want a repeat of the Bangalore situation here. We want our language to be supreme. If you do not know our language, fine. We still respect you. But don't force me to speak your language, as most Hindi fanatics do. Do you see the difference? We will never allow the supremacy of Hindi. If we allow the communal BJP here, they will do it.

    For your kind information, Karunanidhi was a national leader who was so friendly with everyone like Vajpayee and Advani. He respected everyone. He had a right to his political philosophy. He was NEVER, repeat NEVER against any race. This is a totally inadequate understanding of his life and work. He was a great scholar of Tamil. His knowledge about political affairs was too good.

    When compared to whomsoever you would like to call a leader in BJP, Dr.M.Karunanidhi was far far ahead of all of them. He did so much work and wisely developed a vast service sector. Kindly note that economics takes over. When you have eight deemed Universities in a single city called Chennai, consider the direct and indirect employment potential. He did it. It was he who saw the growth of such Universities.

    He might have failed on some respects. But he was such a towering personality. The metro project happened because of him. The giant flyovers happened because of him. No caste, no religion or no race. Any pregnant women from the poor classes were given the monetary benefit to take care of themselves. His brilliant Uzhavar Sandhai scheme benefitted all the stakeholders. The customers were benefitted. The farmers brought their produce to those markets at no cost, because they were given free bus passes.

    Am shocked to note that you do not know what has made the difference. Dr.Karnanidhi did not divide people on the basis of religion. Even when he was so sick he had voiced his opinion on the dangerous tactics of the BJP. So, I so not even agree with your second question. Yet, I have tried to answer it. And somewhere down the line, I do hope that you willbunderstand that the BJP today is different from the Vajpayee days. Those days we did not have bullies like Amit Shah. I will like to stop here.

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    Saji Sir, you are entitled to your opinion. However, I will give you the proof after 40 days. With hard statistics. Tamil Nadu and its people are not against any race. As one race, we fought for Jallikattu. I hope you remember what happened. As one big race, we will fight the BJP and it's evil designs
    We will do it.

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    Sivakumar, with due respect to your experience, I must say that you too are turning a blind eye to facts. I am neither a supporter of the BJP nor its ideologies nor am I a critic of the DMK ideologies. But as a responsible citizen, I always call a spade a spade and intend to do so. I don't think there is any point in trying to convince you because you cleverly manage to divert oppositions by bringing in unwarranted surveys and statistics. Your simple sentence in the above response at #719673 that the 'local units of the BJP will force the students to opt for Hindi as the the third language' proves beyond a doubt how poorly you have perceived and conceived the proposal. If you consider even the local units of the BJP to be so powerful, I think only God can help. I have nothing further to say.
    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    In Indian politics, anything can happen and we need not rule out anything. In Andhra Pradesh, the majority of the people thought that Naidu's party will win. But he lost miserably. The voter will decide on the person to whom he wanted to vote only in the last minute I think. So we can't say BJP can't win or BJP can win in Tamilnadu. There are no equations to calculate and predict the winners.
    As mentioned by the Lead Editor in one of his posts in this thread, Tamilnadu is one state where money will play a lot of importance in elections. Parties will distribute costly items as free to voters. So many will definitely play an important role even in deciding coalitions also. BJP will not definitely keep silent and it will make its efforts to get a good partner for a coalition. Not only BJP but also other parties will also try their ways some how to get into power. No politician will lose any chance to get into power these days.

    always confident

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