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    Paradoxical statements

    Today I read a news about corona vaccine published in Amar Ujala newspaper. Health Minister was reported saying that free vaccine will be available for all Indians. But as per the report of the newspaper, the Cabinet Minister changed his statement about the free vaccine to all on his Twitter page just after one and a half an hour.
    During Bihar elections, BJP gave the good news to all voters of Bihar that they would be given the free vaccine. When opposition parties criticized the government and called it as the election plank. They asked why other states will be deprived of the free vaccine. Then another promise came from the government that free vaccine will be available for all Indians.
    I don't understand why we hear self-contradictory statements of such responsible people who the part of the government.
    What do you think about paradoxical statements of politicians?
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    You seem quite innocent Arafat if you have'nt gauged the mindset of the politicians in India. In our country rules and promises change like chameleon's skin given the degree of power and prominence a person holds. One person can be a culprit running away from the law enforcement and yet if this same person contests and wins an election on the basis of fighting for the rights of deprived people ( aka his/her own gang members) the same law enforcement agencies police officers, CBI etc will bow their heads down this fellow as if he were the most revered saint in the history of dharma shastra. The same holds true for rapists, conmen and fraudsters etc. What you've stated above is a very small instance of the bloody politics that's played in this nation. Hope this changes soon, the Kal yuga ca'nt last forever.

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    At times, politicians go mad and don't think well before they utter. They say whatever they feel like, not worrying about the future impact of the words they utter. Especially during the election times, this would happen. During Bihar election, the Health Minister thought Bihar is India.
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    That is politics. A minister wrote on an application today as " Not approved". But next day morning he changes it to " Note approved" by adding 'e" to Not. This is very common in politics. They say something today. Tomorrow they say, they never said it and they go on adding that the press misinterpreted his statement. Nothing new in this.
    But even today all are of the opinion that the government may not give free to all. But it will control the delivery of the vaccine and see that it will not be sold in black for higher rates. It may give free of cost to some poor people who don't have any way to purchase the vaccine.

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    The trend has been in this country from the very beginning that when it comes to seeking votes, every leader or politician does various types of promises which are forgotten even after winning the election and the public still trusts such people every time. This year, a biological disaster has disturbed everyone in the form of an epidemic and we all know that the vaccine is the weakness of not only this country but the whole world. No one is unaware of this weakness being exploited by politicians on a large scale.
    Swati Sharma

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    While observing any statement of a politician, you need not be so much sensitive since his statement may vary according to the situation. Earlier comments may be revised according to the latest situation. However, your earlier noting that residents of Bihar will get the free COVID vaccine as appeared in the news in the past was absolutely correct and no one can deny this. Later it was modified to pacify the agitated people of the rest of the part other than Bihar. Don't be surprised with their changing statements.

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    @Ryyu: It's really a serious issue. Health Minister is the part of the government, whose each statement has importance. It's officially recognized worldwide as the official statement of the Indian government.

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    Please do not go about the news or the truncated minister statements on the social media on the subject of free vaccine. It is the known fact that Indian govt has set a part huge amount for the vaccination and that is going to be free across the country. First the priority is given to the doctors, health workers, law enforcing agencies and other front line warriors. The next task would be to administer the free vaccine to all the elders above 50 years of age. Now I heard the good news that the Bharat Biotech of Hyderabad which is spearheading the vaccination program has said that even infants at the age of 2 can be given the vaccination and that proves India is gearing up for bigger vaccination program for free. So do not give credence to false reports as one lakh volunteers are ably trained to administer the vaccines across the country in time bound manner.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    @K.Mohan: Amar Ujala is a daily Hindi newspaper printed and published in different cities in U.P. it's not a part of social media. And second important thing is that some of the news channels of social media are reliable. Perhaps you are confined to some news channels only for collecting information.

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