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    Keeping a cool temperament matters much

    Many people have a habit of getting excited and irritated on hearing something and they do not ponder over the issue and make some hasty reactions and even become aggressive. This is a big problem and actually these people are harming themselves by doing so as their reputation gets deteriorated and people start to avoid and ignore them. It means that people should have control on their temper and first try to understand the issue in detail and in its real perspective before jumping on something irrational and illogical. This world is a big centre to learn about people, their behaviour, and analysing their talks and when we are in this learning spree it is necessary that we should have control on our temperament. That is a necessary pre-requisite for a cordial coexisting.
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    Dealing the issues and matters with cool temperament is the asking quality in many companies as in the after sales service or the customer care there used to be hectic phone calls and even the abuses from the customers need to be attended with cool. When the reliance introduced their CDMA technology phones for the first time there were call drop issues and I used to fight with the customer care department as I had paid the whooping amount of 24.000 for three years free out going and incoming calls. But the network faced rough weather in many areas and thus complaint galore raised. However the customer care executive used to talk to me in cool voice and never get irritated even choicest abuses were hurled. So this post is directly connected to those happenings when the Reliance had the hectic competition with Tata CDMA.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    While attending any session, it is always better to keep calmness and the every issues pertaining to that subject needs to be understood. Giving full attention to the topic would make one understand the entire affair and only after having a full grasp, we should react if required.It would be a case of immaturity to jump on any conclusion without going through the details. There are some listeners loosing patience in the middle of the session and their such behaviours make them unpopular and even they are looked down upon.

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    There are many people who do that. Most of the people react on the situation so fast that they don't analyse the issue and make a conclusion. They even don't get the things clarified even once with the person and ultimately they are ignored by their own friends because no one likes such behaviour of a person. I also had few such friends who make their own assumptions about the people and later on repent for their aggression. It's always wise to analyse the things patiently and then take your own decision. It's also good if take our own decisions when it happens in the relationship rather than taking advices from others because it's you who has to decide for further to keep relations or not. Others will not understand the same and will just advice you as per them.

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    Keeping cool even in adverse conditions is a blessing. Many people can't do it. When some problem comes many of us will become anxious and we think very deeply and go to unwanted details also and do something wrong. But some people keep cool and they never show any anxiety and think very cool. Such people will definitely make a better decision than people who are in a hurry and anxious.
    If we are anxious and tensed our brain will never work normally, Even all the details are available with us, we may ignore or miss some important hints. That will make us take the wrong decisions. Any problem can be solved. But the only thing is one should have sufficient patience and never burst out. Keep cool and think.
    Some times we will misunderstand this coolness as inactiveness. That is wrong. Our Ex-Prime Minister, Mr P V N Rao used to maintain cool. Many people used to think that he is inactive and slow. But all his decisions proved to be good for the nation.

    always confident

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    I agree with the author that we should keep our anger in control especially in adverse situation. But as a matter of fact, it is not easy to keep calm when you happen to come across or deal someone who is highly arrogant, ignorant and brainwashed. He is not ready to listen to you. He will keep on refuting you illogically. Somtiems, I find it difficult myself to control, however, I move from the place in this situation. When a person becomes pragmatic he begins to understand all these phases.
    I happen to see such people as the author has written about them. They are short-tempered and they begin to vent their anger when they are rebutted or proven wrong. Even you do something which they dislike they will not tolerate it. Sometimes, their anger makes them off the mind. They begin to abuse or quarrel with others.
    I just stay away from these people. Even talking to them is useless and wasting time.

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