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    Scandalous patronage of criminals is disastrous for the nation

    Crimes and criminals are disastrous for societies and it becomes even more serious when political parties or other institutions patronage these criminals. Patronaging theses criminals derails the communal harmony and brotherhood. So the scandalous peddling of criminals must stop!
    Paddling culprits from the law are a bad thing which may encourage the criminals to do more harm to the people. In many protests, we saw different criminal acts without the fear of law and some roared their guns openly on protesters. Glamourising crime must stop under scandalous patronage of gutless goons and institution for maintaining the harmony and brotherhood!
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    Yep true, now get up a little bit and go out and try explaining the same thing to the mudheads who were on streets. We rationalize amongst ourselves but fear to tread where the demons stand.

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    It is really unfortunate that some people in high positions are supporting and are hand in gloves with the criminals. This is a very fearful state as some innocent, honest, and truthful persons are harmed by these influential people because they know their secret. Many people lose their lives in these encounters. Some of these powerful people can always make the police to their side and even courts of law favour them and these influential people enjoy life and their positions without any interruption. This is a big disgrace to be in collusion with the criminals but when foreign hands are pumping money to the criminals then it is a big lure and some of the greedy people sitting at the helm of affairs take advantage of these things. So these influential people are cheating their own countrymen and are like the traitors of the country. What we need is a good governance where the criminals as well as these traitors should be hanged for their bad deeds.
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    This menace has to clearly stop. In the Tamil Nadu unit of the BJP, they have admitted known criminals with the worst records, and now claim that they are reformed!!

    It is a well known fact that all political parties have their own share of the criminals. A Minister of Tamil Nadu, who hails from the Coimbatore region, has a big mansion to the tune of Rs350 crores!! He is said to have hundreds of criminals as friends. The BSP has a notorious record. In every State, these goondas and criminals are used to threaten ordinary people. The infamous Mannargudi Mafia of Tamil Nadu, headed by Sasikala the former friend of the corruption queen called Jayalaltha had so many criminals paid regularly by them. When the going became so hot, one is told, Sasikala plotted to kill Jayalaltha. She is a known criminal. It is another story that the dictator called Jayalaltha was herself so corrupt that she made friends with criminals of the tallest order.

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    It is the known fact that many party leaders either directly or indirectly patronizing the criminal activities and thus supporting the crime to have hold over their position and say, that is bad practice. We have seen criminals having good hold over politics in Vijayawada and Rayalseema region , like wise during the RJD rules the criminals were let loose free and during the SP rule in UP the criminals had the hay days. This proves that every party has the interest and compulsion to maintain the paid mafia who would help in all counts. During the elections these criminals transfer the funds to various areas and distribute to buy votes. When the govt does good job the mafia attached with opposition parties would indulge in communal tension to jeopardize the development hype. So this kind of politics is played by every party.
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    People have the right to protest if they feel let down by any decision of the govt. It is the democracy that allows people to come out and register their protest. Unfortunately, some MUDHEADS don't understand it is the democracy that allows you to come on the streets and register your protest peacefully.

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    The author has started discussing a very important topic. The main reason for the increasing crimes in the world especially in our country is that they are not afraid of anything because they also know those big leaders, industrialists, etc. will always be available for that protection. Violation of the constitution and other laws of the country is involved in these crimes, if the same goes on, then the work of the judicial system of the country will also be decided by these criminals after some time. The constitution of the legislature, executive, and judiciary was made in the constitution with the hope that the country could work smoothly. The judiciary was specially kept separate so that the power of money in any way does not become bigger than the law. But today this is the situation that only those who have money and power get justice. This is not the case in every case, but it is happening mostly. As long as these criminals continue to get protection, crime cannot be reduced.

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    In which party in India, there are no criminals? Name a party. In Andhra Pradesh, the Chief Minister had to attend court once a week for the cases that are against hin filed by CBI. Like this, you will find people with criminal cases against him.
    If you want to become a government employee, no case should be pending against you. But for a leader no problem. Even from Jail, you can contest in elections but you can't apply for a post. That is the saddest part of our country. These days many criminals in the ruling in many stated and earlier also we have seen many criminals in the government. In addition to that in some parties, every leader will have some criminals around him. He will be protecting them from law and order. This is also a situation which is to be changed. If the same practise continues we will see more and more criminals in politics.

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    Almost all political parties have criminals. The author has raised this issue that political parties give support to criminals I think it's the matter of past, now criminals have their own status in politics to support their colleagues in crime. Some of the politicians are blamed for being criminals before becoming politicians are said to have an occupying constitutional office. Often, we see the list of politicians of criminal background also. But why we elect these criminals is also a big question. People don't mind if any criminal contests the election on the ticket of their favourite party they happily vote for him. How we can expect the clean image of politicians when we elect these people as our representatives. However, still, we have some good politicians who are honest but their number is also decreasing.

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