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    Which one will you support : Job or Research & Innovations

    Whenever a child i born in India it is implanted onto their head by their parents and society that you have to get high grades and good job inorder to become successful person. That is why even after being 2nd largest in population we are struggling and still staying as a developing country. Indians are working for foreigners inorder to built their researches and ideas. Where we are building our new generations in such a way that they should be a slave for their entire lives. No wonder why our economy is crashing. No unique productivity has been provided by India which can be a revolutionary aspect for the whole world. Just take the example of google, see who were the founders and who is now currently working for as CEO. Its our education system and the way the country approaches determines our growth.

    So what is your opinion on this. Will you support doing jobs for new generations or will you prefer bringing up some specialized research centers in India.
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    It is th fact that Indians are highly tilted towards the jobs as innovations and research projects are restricted to high end studied persons. Though our country educated lots are helping other countries we are lagging behind to use our own people and our own expertise, the reason being no recognition and less pay. We do have talented people in every field and the vested interests are scuttling their surge for obvious reasons. Having seen this happening the Modi govt has pitched for self reliant and self India that means make use of our own expertise and even try to export to other countries. But even this has been hijacked by other countries as the MNC's with Indian partners are setting up their facilities here and hiring the foreign hands to manufacture here. So we are getting a denied mode on this suggestion made by the author.
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    Many Indians always want to play safe. They don't want to take any risk. If you join in a job, you will get the salary ad you need not worry about the profits and losses of the company. But I feel this is a wrong concept. Creating wealth is important. But we Indians are having very good brains and we are taskmasters. That is why many companies take our people in their organisations in senior positions. But our people are not ready to invest in industries.
    Slowly some change is coming but still a long way to go. Innovations and research are required dor growth. We should work in those lines also. Otherwise, the country will not grow and creating new jobs will become more difficult and the unemployment problem will increase. One should be ready to invest their time and money in Research and inventions. I am always a believer of this.

    always confident

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