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    Has the English language derived some words from Tamil and Sanskrit?

    This post should be interesting to the members as time and again it has been proved that Indian languages are ancient and English has borrowed some words from them which can be vouched here. The word Ondru in Tamil which denotes one in English which is a clear spam. Likewise the Kattamaram in Tamil is copied as Catamaran. In Sanskrit the word Kalantra which means the Calander in English. Members can investigate many such words which may be inscribed in our ancient languages but borrowed cooly by the English developers. Any agreement or disagreement?
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    English is easy to understand and speak, the language that we sometimes match with many Sanskrit words, maybe some of the English words are from Sanskrit, but still, like every language, English also has a different form. Sanskrit has been considered as the language of the Vedas and has existed in India as a very ancient language. If we look at modern history, we will find that the arrival of European countries to India started around 1400, and at this time many languages ??had emerged in the country, among which Arabic, Hindi, and Sanskrit were some important languages. In such a situation, it is difficult to tell which languages ??have developed by adjusting which other languages, but still, I agree with the author that what he has said that many English words are derived from the Sanskrit language, this can be considered to be true to some extent.

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    There may be some mix up of words from one language to the other language. It is very common. You will see many common words in Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Sanskrit. Probably these words might have taken by other languages from Sanskrit. Same is the case with English also. Many new words are being coined in all languages. These new words may be derived from some other language. A scholar in linguistics can elaborate more on this subject. We can find many words of the same meaning in the same language and varies from region to region.
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