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    It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop

    In our life we all come across some situations from which we find difficult to come out. Few people succumb and few people come out of it after fighting with it.

    In our life we should not stop but always be positive and move on.

    Some people work hard and fast, to achieve success whereas there are people who prefer to go slow. There is no harm in doing things slowly as it all depends on the personality and habits of a person. Only thing is one should focus on continuous working. One should not give up how difficult sometimes the situations may get, focus only on the goals and be bold enough to face all odds to achieve them.
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    While someone may be a slow performer because of his own habit, it does not mean that he will be fed up and leave the job in its midway. Though we have seen that there are many who have the potentials of of doing the jobs as fast as possible but they may be inconsistent in their approach so the end result in terms of completing the entire job may take inordinate time. The same thing may not be applicable to low performers since they are aware of their own ways how to achieve the target. Continuity is the essential ingredient to achieve the goal and hence the goal should be directed to that level only irrespective of slow working people or otherwise.

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    The author is right.
    We all heard the story of rabbits and turtles in childhood. The turtle moves slowly at a slow pace until it reaches its destination and the rabbit sits exhausted after a long run and thus the turtle wins the race. Failure or falling is not your defeat, but the real thing happens when you change your path or weaken your intention by being afraid of challenges in life. Every day brings new learning along with the new challenge, if we understand the challenges as a lesson, then very difficult time will go through life, but if you stop or give up, then this difficult time will trouble you for a long time. There is no harm in managing yourself by stopping a little, but if you have decided to stop because you cannot face the path ahead then it is not right. We should also continue to walk like a turtle of the story until it reaches the destination.

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    Slowly and steadily wins the race. It is not necessary that one should run fast to achieve much in less time. There is no guarantee also that by running one would achieve more. So, the better approach will be to wait, ponder, meditate, and then proceed ahead. Patience is the key to the proper management of time and opportunities and haste will only ruin it and the individual will lose only.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Stopping for rest will be proved disastrous. We know the hare and the tortoise. Average speed is always safe and the chances of an accident are less.Even in case of an accident also the damage will be less. Going very fast is not safe and chances of accidents are very high. In case of an accident, the damage will be very high. But we should not stop moving. That will become a stagnation and we will get rusted.
    In fact, in this era of competition, slow-moving is also not good. We should move at least at an average speed. Then only chances for success are high.

    always confident

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    It's said that slow and steady wins the race. In our 3rd class Hindi book there was a story of a rabbit and a turtle. In this story turtle won the race because it kept on moving without stopping till it reached the target whereas a rabbit slept on the way. This story instilled in our mind. Slow and steady employee may be acceptable in an organisation if there is sufficient time to complete the task but if the work is to be completed within a limited time then he will fail to complete the given task. In this age smartworking employees are more demanded than hardworking employees.

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