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    Increase your work capacity every day.

    Often we hear about many people in the news or even see many people around us who do many such things that we are afraid to even think. When we talk to these people, we understand that this special ability of them has not come in a single day, but has come from efforts and hard work for a long time.

    We should increase our ability every day more than before, we should try to make our capacity to do work more and more with every next day. By gradually increasing the capacity, we do not feel that like a burden and it becomes a part of our daily life and later on, this slightly increased ability makes us something special among the people.
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    We can increase our working capacity by increasing our skills. As you improve your skill in the work you are doing, your work output will increase.
    When we start working initially our output may be less. But by the time we complete on the job training and after spending some times in observing the people working around our skill in performing the job and our output will increase. Once we start working independently we can have a grip on the work and we will start thinking about how we can simplify the work. All these are possible once you get the skill set required for that particular job. As you gain more and more experience, you will become a professional.

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    Life is a long a process of learning and gaining knowledge. When we improve ourselves our abilities and capacities as author has written about will also improve. Indeed, it is a long process which continue as long as we keep on improving ourselves. We should learn new things every day.

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    New learnings and new skills will always result in better performance and productivity. It is always good to think in terms of increasing ones output or capacity. That would result in better delivery. However there is a practical aspects embedded in this thinking. In the beginning the capacity or performance increases in a linear way but slowly the increase in performance slows down. It is natural and there is nothing wrong in that. The point is that performance does not slow down but the increase in it slows down and that is acceptable and a time comes when performance reaches a plateau and remains constant. To keep this level maintained and not allowing it to fall back is the ultimate objective and it is as good as to say that we have to increase our capacity every coming day. That is what happens in real life. We reach a level and then remain there as further growth is not feasible.
    Knowledge is power.

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