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    There is no solution to some problems.

    There are many problems in the world, which may not be solved. For example, construction in another house around our house. It is very strange that when there is a construction in one's house, the members of that house start living in other places including the family, but they cause a lot of problems for the people living nearby. It is natural that the construction of the people takes place as and when required in the house, many times people get the whole house demolished and get a new building built again, but in all of these, the people living nearby have to face the sound pollution, dust problem, etc. and compulsively they cannot say or do anything. Perhaps some problems cannot be solved. What do you think about this, members?
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    If the problems are becoming chronic people will start working and definitely Once people concentrate on working they will definitely find out solutions easily. Once upon a time constructing a house is taking a lot of time. But now there are many new methods and the house can be constructed fast.
    A new method is developed for collapsing the buildings in such a way that nothing will fly out and everything will get inside only. Similarly, now factory-made precast walls are available. Just bring them and made to stand them in the place you want. Give them the measurement they will precast the wall, bring it and erect it. Similarly, ready-made concrete mixes are available. Your slab can be done in 4 to 5 hours. Like this by doing new inventions the said problems by the author are bing solved to a great extent. Over a period of time, these problems will get solved but some new problems may crop up.

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    This is the problem with us that people don't think about inconvenience of other people because of them or their work as the author has mentioned about. In this situation at least the neighbours should be taken in confidence before starting construction work which cause inconvenience or trouble for them. Engineers and mason may give solution of this problem, I think so.

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    The earlier mode of construction in respect of buildings has gone radical changes and using such models in construction will definitely save the time apart from arresting pollution of dust, sound etc. However, it may take some more time to implement the same all across the country. The average life of a building is at least a hundred year provided periodical maintenance is undertaken. Hence we must be cautious about this point. Demolishing the existing building and taking up for the further construction would involve massive cost which could be utilised for some other purposes.

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