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    Stop humiliating yourself every day.

    It is not necessary that we are always right, it is also not necessary that we always wrong. But sometimes it happens that our thoughts diverge from the thoughts of others and in such a situation, instead of stopping ourselves, we constantly debate. It is also right to some extent that we argued for our opinion.

    But if someone from the debate said something wrong to us that we feel insulted then it is sensible that we should be silent now. Some people take insult so much personally and settle it in the mind that every day they humiliate themselves by reminding about the same insult, it is wrong to do so.

    One more important thing is that insult should not be taken in a more personal way because it is not necessary that the person in front of you, said something to insult you. The only solution is to forgive the offending person and then make a distance from him for some time.
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    Take the discussion on the basis of the issue and opinions of different people on the same subject. Somebody is arguing with you on a subject means, personally, he is not having any problem with you. His idea and your idea will differ. That is how we should take. We should not bring in personalities into the discussion.
    But the whole problem is that we take discussion as personal. If somebody is arguing against your point you will get irritated and the problem starts here. Don't take the idea as yours or mine. Take the idea as an idea and discuss merits and demerits. Opt for the best idea. Then we need not have any egos. Then there is no question of humiliation.
    But many times we take them on persons and the whole problem starts. We should leave and forget what happened in the discussion. Sometimes our ideas will be accepted and sometimes the other way. It is all in the game.

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    I don't involve in useless debate. If the person who is debating with me is knowledgable and well qualified I carry it but if I see that he is more likely to be called as an ignorant and arrogant I change the topic , stop debating with him or move away from the spot. I don't think to continue any debate with undeserving
    person. There is no point in useless debate and wasting my time and energy.

    Even the person is knowledgable I take this debate as discussion or transmitting of knowledge. I like to sit with learned people and I like to listen to them quietly instead of debating with them.
    If your arguments are better than him/them, you can leave your impression even in gathering of people.

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    Remembering all the time an insult or hurtful behaviour of others is a kind of humiliation to ourselves and we must avoid it. Now, the point is who is right and who is wrong. Most of the time people think they are right and the other person is wrong and that is the beginning of all the complexities. During any discussion/debate, everybody will have their own views and they need to give proper reasons to support their statements. In many cases, it is seen that people try to impose their views on others and cannot give supportive explanations regarding it. While trying to impose such views they unnecessarily shout, argue and at times behave in an improper way. This type of reactions may be the nature of that person and others need to keep this in mind that the person is doing all these things to prove how right she/he is and there may not be any personal grudge. Remembering these things will not help and we need to take some remedial actions. If we face the same thing on a number of occasions from the same person then it is always better to avoid such persons and minimize interaction with them.

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    Appreciation and humiliation are the part of daily life and we must be prepared for the good and worst of it. When we do right things good comment and appreciation follows automatically and when we miss the time and goes out of order, then wrong things happen and we get battered for this. But before others passing rave remarks it is better we observe ourselves and decide upon the happenings. The situation sometimes is not favorable to us and we are bound to accept the ifs and buts of the life. When others are helping us and give the right feeds, that cannot be construed as the reason to be humiliated.
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