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    When will we be totally free from all fears?

    Journalists at all levels are seemingly afraid of taking on the might of the establishment. Those who talk very bravely are either silenced or threatened with dire consequences. Even in Tamil Nadu, there are channels that are threatened to not care too much about how Opposition leaders target the highly corrupt Ministers of Tamil Nadu.

    The climate of fear among the major minorities is rising day after day. Those who protest are being branded "anti-nationals" or "urban Naxals" and so on; on the eve of the Delhi Assembly elections, goondas of a political party enter a University run by a major minority community and beat the girl students there. JNU was attacked by some organized gangs.

    The farmers who are protesting to protect their rights and to get the minimum guaranteed price for their crops are stopped at all levels and they are sought to be divided; one really does not know why the Indian National Congress and its leaders are not protesting by coming to the streets.

    The key question is: when will we be totally free from all fear? Already Coronavirus has played havoc with our lives. Let us not have one more round of social conflicts to disturb our peace.
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    The author has raised his concern about changing environment of the country. Media is a highly powerful source of information, I think nobody can threaten them if they are committed to their profession and responsibilities as journalists. They are the forth pillar of democracy. They can reach every corner in the country through media. If they are negligent or indifferent to their responsibility, correct information can't reach us. We need strong media.
    Another issue he has raised is about minority that they are being threatened. He showed his concern about what happened in JMI and JNU. He also questioned about inactive role of Congress party concerning burning issues the country has been facing for a long time. Congress party needs to come up as a responsible opposition party. As far as farmers protest is concerned they should go to protestors and should share their support in person. It will benefit the party in next elections. Mainly, farmers of Haryana and U.P. vote for BJP in large number, probably this vote bank may turn to Congress. Government is talking to farmers because they know that these farmers may go against them in future elections.
    I think we should take things as they come because nothing is in the hands of the people. Once you have voted for a particular party to rule the country , then you will have to keep patience and when the next elections comes you can stop them from coming in power. Showing your anger or dissatisfaction with the ruling party either in state or centre does not give any positive results because we have no right to recall them.

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    When will we be totally free from all fears? is the question for all at present trends . But basically we are all peace lovers and strongly believe such by our day to day activities. If we look behind our freedom fighter one can understand the situation of that independent period and slogan for Indian against them . Our people had offer their blood, sweet and tears and this process had eaten its way very deep in to the body and soul of Indian. Accordingly after independent a portion of our people has become more ferocious rather than kindhearted. All these are in my opinion due to luck of education, infrastructural problems and Administrative policies in the country. Leadership ability does also a vital role under the situation but want of true leader also failed such opportunities. Now all are running towards achieving their own goal by keeping aside the country goal resulting a huge gape between perfection and actual development. We are only going along and along ,our new generation also does not know the family relationship, how they will develop the country. We leave in a country where various true leader born and they share their knowledge with the world ,they are also famous now. But we remember them only at their birth or death date but not actually follow their principle in daily life.

    Hence, the modern administrators are also from modern changing society ,they does not following the basic principle of our ancestors and obviously there are no expectation from them for built up the country in true sense. And situation will never improve until we change our mind and only reciting the poem of our Vishwa Kabi Guru Rabindranath Thakur "where the knowledge is free, where the world has not been broken in to narrow domestic wall, where the head is held high? ............ In to that heaven of freedom, let my country awake.
    Let us work together, think together for all and bring our country to such a Hight that Gurudev think.

    Believe in the existence of God the super power.

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    Only a few journalists are criticising the ruling party whether it is in centre or some state. Most of the channels are singing songs in tune with the regime. But this is not happening today only. We have seen it happening for so many decades and the people who talked against the regime were always afraid of it and in many cases were even harmed and were in a disadvantageous position as compared to the normal channels.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It is not possible to a human to feel total free from all fears as it is mixed in their blood itself. One joke, I read. A man was over drunk in a shop. Another man asked the reason for his drink liquor. This man replied,'Full of worry'. Other man asked what his worry was'. He replied,'My worry is that why I become this type of over drunken person'.

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    The author has been referring to the odd situation which was not that serious and yet presented in such a way that the people are in grip of fear and uneasiness. Every time the elections are held , it wold be high volatile and the powers that be would manage muscle and money with elan and thus leaders brace up for the big fight. And this time the DMK rebellion from Madurai may pose challenge to the very candidature of Stalin as CM and thus scuttle the process of his win. There would be high volatile drama prior to elections and rejigs are going to be watched. But people have already registered their mind as to whom to vote and why. Therefore we have to watch the TN elections with great interest and concern as many new things are going to happen with the no stalwarts like Jaya and Karunanidhi at the helm of contest.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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