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    Fly high. But always be in contact with the ground

    A boy is very happy to see the kite flying very high in the sky. He is leaving slowly the thread and some times he is lowering it. He is very happy that he is able to manage the kite. But unfortunately, the thread got broken. The kite is not in the control of the boy and collapsed somewhere.

    A flight will be going high as per the instructions of the ground office and the pilot is happy and he is able to manage the flight. Suddenly he lost contact with the ground office. No directions from the ground and the pilot is panic.

    Same is the case in our lives also. You can go up on the ladder to any heights. But never forget the basics. As long as you never leave your basic principles in your life, you can go to any extent. But the moment you forget the morals and basics of life, you are sure to collapse one day or other.
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    The author has pointed out the basic moral principles that when someone progresses in his life he should not forget his roots. When success comes some people forget their past how they struggled in their life to reach their present status. Even they forget their good wishers who helped them in building their career. It is the reality of life, however, some people don't forget how they reached the present level and how they could build their career as successful people. I think we should never forget where is our ground. If we ride on a horse and forget basic etiquettes also, we are nothing but cheap people.

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    Well said and it is definitely a thought provoking matter that we should never disconnect with the ground realities in our lives. A person who understands the basic things and is having a down to the Earth approach, will not get any trouble and confusion in ones life. So getting progress in life is a good thing but take pride in that and show off is a bad consequence and is not a good trait.
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    The author has said it very correctly. Often when people reach the height of progress or success, they forget that they started from a piece of land, and no matter how high we go, but will always be connected to their land. As author gives an example of flights which connected from the office situated on land, even in the same way when a tree grows, it knows that its true strength lies in its roots and since it is connected to the earth through the roots, that is why fruits are growing on that tree, and because of these fruits, they are valued. A man should also learn from many examples around him that height does not mean separation from earth. The journey of our success is very long and many people play a very important role in our success in this journey, respecting all of them who ever supported or helped you.

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    The author's logic is correct, but the modern and advanced technology can make an aircraft fly without any ground control. There are navigational gadgets available to the flight to home and locate the landing space. They make an emergency landing. Similarly, if someone reaches a height, they don't bother about the ladder. They have alternate routes to continue to remain in height.
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    Nice post from the author which implies that we have to be within the framework to achieve and anything extra curricular, activities may lead to failure or even greater setback. Aspiring greater heights is the normal wants of any human being but for that basic necessities are needed and without which thinking of great success cannot be possible. And those who attempt the ladder fast is bound to slip or fall surely , that is why elders always advise the young ones to be slow and study to win the race. But we can see the urgency in the face of new youth who lack any forward thinking and just based on their urge and insufficient information they try to attempt big and that would eventually end up thud. However a good trait can be developed if a person moves with the peer group and by virtue of some good characters, there is every chance of improvements.
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    Many people get success in their lives and feel pride of it and that goes to their heads and they become arrogant and indifferent to others. That makes their reputation very bad in the society and they may think themselves big but people would not respect them.
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