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    Is Goli Soda still available in India?

    I think Goli (Marble) Soda was famous in South India, especially in AP and Tamil Nadu. In my childhood and even ten years back, Goli soda was still available. The goli soda got its name because of the marble in the bottleneck prevents the escape of the gas. The sellers used to bring these soda bottles in a cart to every street. In the summer season, especially, there was a great demand for them those days. The sellers also used to carry these bottles in ice boxes. There are varieties of these sodas. Without cooling the Soda used to be sold for 5 paise or 10 paise. If it is ice cooled the soda used to be sold at 15 paise. There is another special type of soda where soda is mixed with lemon juice and a little salt. Once you drink this soda in any form, the whole body gets really refreshed. I used to drink this soda very regularly especially in the summer season. How many of you know this Soda and what is your experience with it?
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    This goli soda is still in our town but now this business has tough competition with big cold drink companies and ice cream. Children still like goli soda because it is cheap and these children of lower class can also purchase and enjoy .

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    Yes. It is available very much in almost all areas of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Nimbu Goli soda, Colour Goli soda and Giger Goli soda are also available. These sodas were available for 5 paise in my childhood. Now I think it may be costing Rs.5/- or so. I don't know the exact cost of it.
    In our childhood, in our village, a person used to come selling these sodas on road. We used to drink them in summer. Later on, in 1995 I think when we were in Warangal, we used to walk to the shop in the night after dinner and have a soda. I think I have not tasted the same in the last 5 or 6 years.

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    Yes the goli soda is available in Telangana and I have tasted the same many a time. The goli soda is added to the lime juice and aerated water to give the feeling of gas filled soda. These sodas are still available in Hyderabad where the Andhra People populations are more and living . During the peak summer time we could see many push cart vendors seen serving the Goli soda which seems to be house hold cottage Industry through which many are eking out the life. Thought it is the seasonal business , many are successful and make money during the peak summer.
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    Goli soda is still in existence in small towns. Since goli soda bottles are returnable glass bottles, they are still surviving. Small petty pan shops are making soda lemon salt drinks using this goli soda (in Malayalam, the drink is called Ponch).
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    Goli soda is quite popular and there has been no decrease in its popularity over time. Due to the low price, its demand is still high in many places. Goli soda with different colors is the first choice of people in the summer season.

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    Yes Goli soda is still popular in Delhi. In summer it is served as Shikanji and is popular drink to fight with heat. Also one can have it on the normal shops. I remember in childhood we used to get at the price of 3 Rs and as it was of low cost so our parents used to allow us to have it.

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    I remember I got the goli soda and goli colors through 'Mappillai vinayagar' brand in Madurai earlier. Even I got the such sodas, color and cola for 15 paise to 25 paise. Recently too I got the goli soda(soda only and not colors) in some areas of Chennai but the cost is nearly 10 to 12 rupees.

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