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    Why Buddhism did not become prominent even though its origin is in India?

    We all know Buddhism is one of the oldest religions even older than Christianity and that its origin is in India. Gautam Buddha established this religion. Even though this religion originated in India it is not much spread like either Muslim or Christian religion. What is the reason for it? But this religion has deep roots and a large number of followers in our neighbouring as well as far of countries. What makes a particular religion to spread more and people to get attracted to it? What do you know about Buddhism? Is Idol worship a reason for more spread of Hinduism than Buddhism?
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    Religion and actions go together. A religion where people are not aggressive and active may no get much acclaim. History is full of these instances when the invading tribes forced their religion on others. Buddhism is a good religion but the people following it, are actually peace loving and they have no desire to fight with the others even if they are being tortured by the outside forces.
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    Nice poser from the author and my response goes here within. No Buddhism has the been born and being followed by some the reason being not following by large because this sect needs a person to turn as monk or he should shell out all the bodily desires and should not have the family life. Like God Gautham Buddha has turned into a saint of great reckoning and many of his followers cannot shun their personal virtues and enjoyment of bodily life and thus this sect has not taken the required leap as felt by the author. But Buddhism has been flourished and followed in many countries including Lankan and other countries. Since the ordinary follower has lots of desires in his life which he cannot shun for the sake of religion, it is the fact that many were not following this sect which is waning in our country.
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    Common people follow religion. But that is not enough for a religion to spread across a geographical area. That requires huge funds and some sort of soft power that will influence the people.
    Buddhism was a dominant religion in India as long as it was patronised by a king/dynasty like Mauryas, Kanshkas. Once that state support was gone, Buddhism suffered.
    They also went into deep trouble by their internal conflicts. From 4th century onwards this religion spread eastern states like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Philipines etc.

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    A religion will spread fast if there is strong support for that religion from rich people and if there are incentives if joined. Buddhism was prominent when the rulers of the area are patronising the same. But slowly no ruler supported that religion and other religious leaders seen that it will not spread. Various groups such as Indo-Iranian Huns, White Huns, Sunni Muslim Turkic-Mongolians, Arabs and Persians have invaded North India which resulted in a decrease in the followers of this religion. Destruction of Buddhist institutions such as Nalanda is another reason. Religious competition with Islam and other religions was also a reason. The action of Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khalji has severely weakened the practice of Buddhism in East India.
    As of 2010 in India 9.25 million people are in this religion.

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    There are many characteristics which help in rising of a cult and only religion is not the one. In addition to that some aggressiveness and muscle power should be there otherwise no one will listen to that group except some spiritual minded people.
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