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    Experiences gained are the key for better future

    In our lives we do many things some tough, some softer, and some of indeterminate form and gradually move forward under that limitation. One thing that we gain by all these happenings is experience. So, whether we get success or not we definitely gain experience through this journey. I have a strong feeling that experience is the most important thing as it only makes us wiser and thought process is enhanced with this. So, whether we get fruits of our labour or not at least we have got this great entity called experience and we will be benefited by it in our future engagements. Using these experiences we can definitely progress in our life.
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    Surely the experiences gained through the life during toughest times of our living would pave the way for constructive expertise within us and we are able to guide others so well as we know the intricacies of happening. The experiences are gained through lots of failures and learning from them and they are the sure shot learning as we have given ourselves the chance to learn more politely facing bravely the hardships meted out to us. Experiences comes after initial rejection of our works and ideas and when we start to adjust with the system we are taken into their stride and that brings closer bonding.
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    The author is right. What we do it gives us experience. We learn something new when we nerve out to something. The author is right that whether we succeed or not does not matter but we become experienced in this particular field in which we have ever invested our efforts. It is very true to say that experience which we have gained by doing any activity or work , on any turn in life this gained experience will be proven useful for us.

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    Experience is something which has no substitute. Whether we fail or succeed, we gain experience. Each action and event in our lives generate an element of experience and in fact we go on accumulating the experience and that is what is used by us consciously or unconsciously in taking the decisions later in life. We often say that such and such person is very experienced and let us go to him and ask his advice. Why we think so, because we feel that an experienced person can take a better decision. So experience is a valuable thing in our lives and we must keep it as a useful treasure with us.
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    Absolutely agree with the author that experience is the key to make your future better and beter. Just as it is said that the learned never go in vain, similarly the experiences found in life also never go in vain. These experiences come into our life either in positive or negative form from time to time. Every experience goes by giving us new lessons. Now it is up to the person whether he learns from his experiences and develops himself and moves towards his goal. As important as our own experience is, the experience of others should also be given. It is said that the more you can learn from the experiences of others, the more you will learn because this art will be very useful to you throughout your life. Life is a long story, which cannot always be the same, it brings new changes at every turn and every change is associated with the experience.

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    The author has rightly said that whatever we do in our life we do get experience out of it. In life we do all type of things hard and easy and sometimes we fail to get success but our failure give us the experience and it's our capability that using that experience when we try the same thing again we get success.

    But there are people who even after failure don't learn from their failure and keep on doing the same mistake again and again. No doubt 'to err is human' but still we must learn from our mistakes.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Experience makes a man perfect. So as you gain experience in a particular line you will become a professional in that line. When we start doing work we will not have complete knowledge of the work. We will learn it by reading, studying and then observing. Once you start doing, you will understand the points involved and you will get the skill of doing it. Once you know the skill, you will work on the ways to improve further. That will give you an additional advantage and you will develop new ways of doing the work which is easy and much better.
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