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    Many has weakened efforts on Monday after lavish weekend parties

    In our office the attendance was thin on Monday citing reasons that they feel drowsy and applied leave. The reason being over indulgence on week end parties which not only happens on Saturdays but also continued to Sunday late nights and thus the fatigue and drowsiness would not fade away resulting absence to the work. One should have limited enjoyments and that should not affect our works at office and bring bad repute. Many who has weakened efforts on Monday after lavish weekend parties must change their attitudes.
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    Good advice rendered by the author. However, I would say that the week-end stops by midnight on Saturday and should not continue on Sunday. Because Sunday is the start of the week (week-start) Enjoy Saturday, prepare on Sunday for the next week. All your overdose on Saturday should come down by Sunday evening. One should never go to a party on Sunday evening. Limit the Sunday party to pre-lunch drinks only.
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    The author has rightly said that many people see the lack of enthusiasm on the day of the Monday after the weekend. The reason for this is not only due to party etc. but sometimes due to worsening of one's own routine and its negative effect on office or other functions. The author has also given a piece of nice advice that the employment should be done in such a way so that the work is also not affected. According to my, the rest of you will enjoy the rest of the day, but if your sleep and waking time are well organized, then there will be no hindrance in your work. There are also many people are energetic in the office the next day, even after a lot of entertainment on weekends, such people know how to balance their professional and personal life. There should be the art of maintaining this balance in life.

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    Good suggestions by the author to party lovers. It's always advisable for working people that their enjoyment or merrymaking is a personal issue and what they have to do in their office is their official life. Official work can't be sacrificed for their personal life. Such people should be fired. Employees should be active and smart in working and performing their responsibilities in their organization they are employees whereof. I don't think it is tolerable to management of any company.

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