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    "Which component brings life to a song?"

    Listening to songs takes our mind off everything and takes us into a different world. We feel ecstatic listening to a song while doing some other work. A song consists of lyrics, music and a voice to render it. Of these three components of a song, which is the one that puts life into the song? Is it the lyrics, music or the voice rendering the song? Without music, a lyric is like poetry. Music sustains by itself but at times, we try to find the meaning of the song through lyrics. The voice rendering the song may enhance or spoil the beauty of the song. The soulful songs require a voice that gives them depth. Considering all the three components of a song, which one do you feel puts life into a song?
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    This is the difficult question to answer as some like the singer who is rendering the song, some likes the interlude music between the stanzas and some like the great lyrics. So one song may have three different views from three different persons. For me I credit the old songs for good lyrics value and music and also the rendition by the famous singers has made great impact. Now a days the song has become more rap and the blame is put on the youth who are demanding such a song. The music is laud and does not have the rhythm to not even remember after few minutes and the lyrics have the double meanings.
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    I would firmly say that it is Music that gives life to a song. Music connects the Lyrics and the singer. Lyrics cannot be sung by a singer, and a singer cannot sing without lyrics. To get the two connected, the media is Music. Hence music is an important component of a song that gives life to it. Good music can be played without the lyrics and singer by a musical instrument by a musician.
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    All three components are very important. Each component has a role to play. A good Lyric and a good tune but not sung well may not get into the minds of listeners. But if we get deep into this question, I feel if the tune is good and the voice is attractive, lyrics may not have that much expected on the song. If the singer's voice is good, the song may be a hit even the other two are not very good. My order of preference is
    1. The SInger
    2. The Music,
    3. The lyric.

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    For a song either cinema or carnatik or anything, a team effort will give life. I do not know now, but as far as the cinema songs of old years, we can recollect the song even by starting music. Once we hear the starting music, our memories will just drag to the scene, actors and lyrics automatically. One of my cousin correctly tell even the dress of the actors once he hear the song.

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    Music is the most important factor which makes a song worth-listening because it has magic, charm - that captivate the hearts of listeners. it takes a listener to a different world. The second thing is the voice of the singer. If the voice is good then a combination of music and voice makes the song an amazing creation. Content of lyrics is a trivial matter. However, if all three are perfect then the charm of that particular song can never diminish.
    Which type of music one likes varies from person to person. Some people like soft music and I am one of them. Some people like pop or rock but one thing is sure that melodious song always stays on our mind.

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    It may take a lot of time to create a song that we can hear in hardly 3 to 4 minutes, rarely do we ever think about it. All three have their own importance in making songs, even if we talk about lyrics, music, or singer then all three of music, lyrics, and Singer have their own place. The words selected in lyrics are decorated with music accordingly and then when the singer presents it in his melodious voice, only then a song is considered complete which also comes to us.

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