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    Theoretical knowledge and practical situations in our lives

    Most of us during our academic pursuits achieve and acquire theoretical knowledge and there is nothing to be intrigued about that as theoretical knowledge is must and is the stepping stone for the practicals that follow it. When we do the practicals or use that theoretical knowledge in the real life situations then we find that there are some missing links and we have to learn certain things which we did not or could not acquire during the theoretical sessions. So, when we do the work in the real life environment then we find that practical aspects are also very important to accomplish a task and only theory would not suffice. Have you experienced such a thing in your life or observed in the life of your friend, colleague, or family person?
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    Theoretical life is not so much important as practical life is. Somerimes, too much bookish knowledge destroys a person's life. Such a person always uses the glasses of books which practically may not be acceptable. Being pragmatic makes one a successful person. It is also said that practice makes a man perfect. I have seen several teachers who speaks a lot in classroom before students. They can give good lecture but if the same people are asked to address the people on stage. Their words don't come out from their throat. Their voice begin to tremble. Some of the teachers, even don't come on stage to address their own students. Irony is that the same teachers can be heard in classrooms while directing their students to become bold in their lives.

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    The author has rightly said, there is no doubt that theoretical knowledge has its own importance but when we understand the reality of life then we come to know how important practical knowledge is. Practical knowledge comes not just from reading books but from applying those principles in life. In today's education system, the importance of practical knowledge should be increased because unless practical knowledge is communicated, the development of society will not be done at that level.

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    Knowledge without application is of no use. A good teacher is expected to teach the students the practical applications of the theoretical knowledge they are about to acquire. I personally feel that the teachers should get field experience from time to time, to teach the students. We find, from time to time, the technicians and the skilled workers are better equipped to solve field related problems even though they do not have the theoretical knowledge. Project work is one aspect which makes the student to correlate all the theoretical knowledge gained to solve a field related problem. The education system is now undergoing vast changes by incorporating aaperenticeship in almost all the courses of study.
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    Practical knowledge is much useful. There is no doubt about it. But some times our theoretical knowledge will come in handy for a quality job. That is why I always feel theoretical knowledge supported by practical knowledge is the best combination for anyone to have a progressive career. Our education should see that a person passing out the examination will have at least a minimum practical experience which will help the student in securing a job in the industry. A person who gains some experience will always understand how he can do the work with perfection.
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    Practical knowledge is so important that even without the theoretical concepts, a technical man can handle the assignment successfully. This has strengthened my belief while working in a steel plant unit attached to SAIL. The recruitment of graduate engineers in the Metallurgical stream is fixed every year depending upon the situations and they are absorbed in various units as per their requirements. In some of the units like Blast Furnace, Hotstrip Mill, Cold Rolling Mills, some of the workers having sufficient experience in their areas were found much more competent than the fresh engineers due to their expertise in the specific areas. The management was comfortable with the services rendered by these non executives and the engineers having exceptional academic background often consulted such team of workers to know various inputs how the operations could be managed with the less time consumption.
    TISCO management often rewards such workers having enough technical expertise in the various units either in the form of financial incentives or an accelerated promotions to the deserved candidates.


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