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    Excessive adjustment is not right all time.

    Often there is a person in the family who keeps adjusting according to all, such a person thinks very little about his own comfort and only adjusts to make arrangements for others. There is no doubt that such people are also greatly appreciated and due to this they keep encouraging themselves to do more adjustments. But by making more adjustments than necessary, many times people suffer for themselves. Because many times others do not give value to your comfort zone and it may hurt you too.

    So adjusting for your loved ones is a good thing, but sometimes give your loved ones a chance to learn to adjust for you too.
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    This adjustment which the author has mentioned is mainly attributed to a mother. She every day does adjustment for her children and she is always happy while adjusting herself to give them more comfortable zone. She does it all because of her live for her children. She may also do adjustment for her husband or other family members too and this adjustment or sacrifice for them is for the sake of keeping peace in a family.
    My parents are no more I know important they are in everyone's life. I always saw my mother adjusting herself and sacrificing her wants, desires and everything. It's not confined to my mother. Every mother is made with this mindset. You may also notice it in your family.

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    I did not mention any specific relationship in this thread, but I am talking about a particular nature of adjusting here and this nature can be of anyone, whether it is female or male of the family. Sometimes the sense of adjustment is also seen in the children, many young children also adjust for their brothers and sisters, and then it becomes their nature, but it is not right to keep adjusting continuously.
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