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    Pepper Rasam and Cornona virus

    I have just viewed one interesting Youtube video in Tamil. There is this chef, hailing from Tamil Nadu, with a hotel management qualification, now working in some five-star hotel in the USA. He thought of one simple idea: pepper rasam. He shot the video and the preparation of this Tamil delicacy. This pepper rasam is often prepared with pepper powder and some tomato and at times, a little bit of the rasam powder added to it. Some families add cooked dal to it.

    It is said to contain anti-viral properties. It has reportedly been tried out in the Siddha method of treating patients in Tamil Nadu as well. There were some reports that rasam made out of Aavarampoo ( Tanner's cassia), a particular type of flower found everywhere, was also given.

    Our chef became famous. Many had reported that they felt much better after trying out the "pepper rasam". This is not unique to Tamil Nadu. I have had variations of this in many houses of my friends in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala. The base is the same, though the method of preparation is slightly different in some cases. For example, garlic is added in AP. In the Tamil version, this is not compulsory.

    I really do not know if it is scientific. One good thing is that it positively helps to fight common cold and throat infection. Members who know a little more about this pepper rasam may please give details.
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    Glad to know that another Indian is famous for his cooking skills in US. This special must be available in US also?
    We have several local methods to treat common diseases. In northern part of our country we have our own ways of treatment which are very effective in curing such diseases.

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    Rasam is an important and essential item in any feast. Pepper Rasam is served after Dal and Sambhar. It helps to improve digestion. Rasam of all varieties should have Garlic. Without Garlic, Rasam would be ineffective. Tamil Brahmins may not use Garlic, but all others use Garlic in Rasam. Few people add a little gud with Rasam to make it sweet. Rasam can be taken with rice. Rasam can be consumed as a drink. I like Rasam mixed curd rice. That's a tasty dish for me.
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    Rasam is a common dish in the menu of lunch and supper. In our house also we make this dish every day. We add a little pepper and tomatoes also in the preparation. It is good digester. We will be adding a little tamarind, a little turmeric powder, salt, jaggery and green chilli. If we add a little dol also it will be very tasty.
    Cold and cough will come down if we drink this drink when it is hot and we will get a soothing sensation to our throat. During COVID period this dish has become very famous and many people started drinking it twice a day.

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    There are so many things in our kitchen like pepper, ginger, garlic etc which are of immense health value and keep us resistant to the outside germs and viruses. Our ancestors used them frequently and that could be a reason for their better resistance.
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    I think Rasam and Pepper's rasam are different things. Rasam what generally called in Tamil is 'Charu' or 'Rasam' in AP. This rasam is made a powder pre-pared with mixing various spices, tamarind, coriander, and green chilly pieces in water and boiled. This is what actually we take along with rice. It is good for digestion and good for the throat. Pepper rasam is one which is prepared by boiling pepper powder with water. This decoction of Pepper is very good for throat troubles. This is what we call Pepper Kashayam in AP. In AP we also take pepper powder mixed with milk to relieve throat problems.

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    In our home pepper rasam is the must recipe at least three times a week which has become the necessity during these days and the taste goes well and soothing to the sore throat and the body gets heated up during this winter season. Pepper rasam along with papad or home made friams and for the children also they like to have this added with ghee rice. The pepper rasam is prepared with adding the paste of tamarind. pepper and jeera . Even hing is added for the better taste. One thing is sure. we have been able to keep the virus out of reach to our homes thanks to various desi way of having immune system through food habits, decoction made out of ginger and lime and added with fourteen herbs of Kabasura kudineer and thus we have overcome the corona with ease. We must thank our grand parents passing these legacies.
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    There are some spices, herbs, and common Indian kitchen items which have certain medicinal properties. Some of these are commonly used in our dishes like Rasam or Tea or Soups. Traditionally these are used in or households and it is believed that they have some properties which help the human body to create resistance for the ailment or external infection. There are many other Ayurvedic tips and guidelines in this matter and surprisingly many people are benefited by it. In some cases even scientific research has endorsed this view. For an example whenever I have some problem in sore throat, I take very hot water sips and get relief immediately. There is definitely some science behind all this but unfortunately we have moved away from these natural things and gone much modernised in our lives where our life stele is more and less artificial..
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    Pepper Rasam is tasty recipe made of different recipes such as pepper, garlic,tomatoes, tamarind and some amount of cumin seeds and the taste of this recipe will develop with the way how it is prepared by the users. Some amount of hing is added to for the extra flavour while consuming the same apart from some Jaggery to enrich the taste of recipes.
    We had different varieties of soups containing medicinal properties to combat cough and cold and other seasonal ailments. Pepper Rasam, too, is a healthy variant having its soothing effects on sore throats, digestive issues etc because this concoction is antiviral in nature because of addition of different spices acting on raising the immunity system of the body.

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