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    Why not some support be given to poor migrants from native States?

    In general, no one likes to move out of his or her comfort zone and the "native place" attraction is still valid.

    This being the case, the plight of migrants from the BIMARU States is pitiable. For example, here is a local petrol bunk in Sholinghur. The migrant from Bihar is given the night duty and he reportedly takes care of the night shift. The salary is said to be Rs.500 per day, which includes Rs.150 towards food. ( the accommodation with some limited cooking facility is also given for free). Yet, the poor guy would blow up a good amount, when he wants to go home for the mandatory 45 days. Train travel does not come cheap.

    Why not give him a monthly allowance of Rs.1000 from Bihar, his home State? His economic status has to be certified by the local collector. In this fashion, the hapless migrant will have his head above water. This can be followed in the case of other migrants as well. But not for all. The IT guys who work in the State, but hail from UP, for example, can contribute their might to this Government corpus. Such support should be only reserved for the poor and the deserving.

    What do Members think of this suggestion? In Chennai, there are thousands living in slums and working in the construction sites. They need such support. The hapless migrants are not educated and they are largely unskilled.

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    If the author expects that the government of Bihar should help these people who are working in other states, I don't think it's feasible because millions of such poor migrants are working in other states. No government can bear this extra burden. I think instead of helping these poor workers their state government should establish new industries and should bring new schemes to provide them with employment in their own state. If they have employment opportunities in their state they will not go to work in any other state. TamilNadu, Kerala both are developed states of south India, especially, Kerala is the most developed states in terms of living standard of the people. You can not expect that governments of Bihar or U.P. or similar other states will provide their people with all amenities, including employment.
    You may show your sympathy for these migrants but practically it not possible for you to help them.

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    Your concern for the immigrant labourers from the BIMARU states is understood but I think we should be trying to sort out the pitiable conditions of our natives first. Has the Tamil Nadu government mooted any such proposal to help the poorer sections of the society in the State or has some altruistic suggested the same to the government? I don't think the suggestions by the author can be put into practice. The state in which they are working need to ensure that they are well paid and are not exploited.
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    What a thought by the author! Which state will care for the migrants who left their own native state and reached other states for their livlihood. It is funny to think about monthy allowance for migrants. There are millions of migrant workers in our country. Will Tamilnadu government care for workers who migrated to other states like Kerala and cities like Mumbai?
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    Every state government is having minimum wages act and as per that act, the organisations and institutions will pay the wages and salaries.
    People who want to help should help people who are suffering. If a person belonging to the same place is suffering, he should also be helped and we can't leave him as it is as he is not a migrant. So I feel irrespective of nativity all poor people deserve help. We should simply go by financial status only.

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    The author's suggestion is quite reasonable but it is not possible to implement, especially not by any state. All those people leaving their state and migrating to another state are migrated for their own purpose, it clearly means that they are not getting proper jobs or money in their own state. When the person is migrating on his responsibility then why will the state government give him an allowance? If some such rules are made at the center level, then perhaps the migrants will get some help.

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    I do agree with the views of the author. If the labour is so hardy and honest in his job, he must get an incentive for that in the form of cash where he is putting his labour. If such a Bihari labour is in the Punjab and is involved in raising the production of agricultural crops. It would be the responsibility of the government of Punjab to resolve his hardship and this deduction is to extended elsewhere.
    Suitability of incentives and other perks should be offered to the labours in commensurate to their involvements in a particular area and the local authority should see his welfare activities.

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