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    Understand the importance of life while living.

    Why is it so often that people understand the value of something when, they do not have it easy, for example, when we sleep well, we do not understand its importance and take it as a daily normal routine but when we do not get proper sleep due to any reason, then we get to know the value of good sleep. We do not feel thankful when the relationship is going well, but if the relationship deteriorates then we understand the value of those relationships. A person should understand the importance of life on time while living and should lead a life in the right direction, otherwise when there would be a day towards the end of life, then we will realize that life was too long, but we did live it in the right way.
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    It is true we miss something when we have lost it. If we don't sleep properly, we feel ennui while working on our assignment. It's natural but - about life?
    Obviously, it might be squiriming us once we wasted our life in useless doings and when we realize what blunder we have committed then we repent for wasting our time.

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    That is correct. We never understand the value of a particular item when it is available to us. Generally, I have the habit of carrying a pen in my pocket. But by any chance one day if I forget to carry, somewhere I will get the requirement of a pen and I used to ask somebody for a pen. Same is the case with our lives also.
    We will spend money when we have plenty with us and we will never understand the importance of money. But when we don't have it in our hand we will understand how important saving is.
    We should understand that this life is a gift of God and we have to enjoy our life and we should not try to end it early by any means for any reason. We should not waste our time in unwanted activities and repentant afterwards saying that we have wasted our time. Time will not come back. Live for a purpose and live with certain values. That will be always a blessing for you and God will help you always.

    always confident

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    There are so many good things that nature has provided to us in this life and we must be thankful for that to it. We should also realise the good things and should not unnecessarily condemn them thinking that we do not have prosperity like rich people.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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