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    Nine Fine ways to wish or greet avoiding hugs and handshakes.

    Why should we hug and shake hands when we have enough alternatives!

    Here are Nine fine ways to wish and greet the person you meet.
    1. Simply say Namaste and smile.
    2. Fold your hands and smile
    3. Wave your hand and smile
    4. Say Hello with a smile
    5. Touch your heart and smile
    6. Nod by your eyes and smile
    7. Show your fingers "V" and smile
    8. Bow down and smile.
    9. Say 'Hi' and smile.

    Don't touch anyone. If you don't wish to follow the nine, just smile only.

    Don't think the vaccine will do the magic. Only SMS (Sanitizing - Masks - Social distancing) will help you to do the magic.
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    Suggestions given by the author are practical. Due to fear of pandemic people stopped shaking hands with each other. But I would like to suggest one more option in this list of the author, it's wearing gloves then all the suggestions will not necessarily be followed.

    Anyways, now pandemic is almost over in India, however, precautions are still being taken by some people. People are living a normal Life.

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    Do you suggest wearing gloves and shake hand? My God! It would be very dangerous as we are likely to carry the virus on our gloves. The hand can be easily washed or sanitized, but not gloves. It would be a costly affair. I don't accept your recommendation to wear gloves and ignore my nine fine points.

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    Good suggestions. They are very good and can be followed. All of the above are in practice. Different people follow different approaches. Before COVID 19 shaking hands and hugging is the most sort after method to greet others. Corona has changed the complete situation and these days nobody is shaking hands or hugging. But slowly once the vaccines come and people get vaccinated means the old practices may come back again.
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    @SuN: Perhaps you did not understand my post. I reiterate what I have written. I want to suggest that all people should use gloves then there is no danger for them of Coronavirus while shaking hands. Obviously, when everyone will wear gloves then why you have apprehension? Doesn't it look weird on your part.?

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    Is it that virus won't sit on gloves? Does virus only sit on skin? I don't understand what is the peculiarity of gloves that saves us from virus? Please clarify.

    I am sure, even after wearing gloves, we should not touch our body parts with the gloves. Gloves need to be washed after every use.

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    Nice suggestion from the author and the tips are being followed widely as I could see many people not having personal touch following the covid procedures and it is better not to have any personal touch feeling with anyone as the new virus strain is also on the prowl. One thing is sure that we are alone going to be responsible for not following the set rules and should not feel afterward that we made the mistake.
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    I appreciate the advisory given by the author in the sense that it is inspiring us to use social distancing and other precautions even in the post vaccine era. This is a very important point and I will like to elaborate on this a little. Once a vaccine is clinically tested then it would deliver the required result but seeing the stubbornness of the virus in mutating and creating havoc the vaccine may ultimately be of limited use. This will become very clear in the times to come. Medical science is full of intriguing and surprising things because we are now fighting with the mysteries of the nature about which the scientific community is still in the learning phase. So just because the vaccine is round the corner, please do not feel overconfident and keep on keeping the basic safety measures. Remember it is a long fight. Cooperation of all the people is solicited.
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    Very good suggestions and methods have been provided by the author. Today is the time when it is considered safe to say Namaste and welcome your guest. Our culture also started with the same, when we meet someone we address them with Namaste, so we will not have any difficulty in giving up the habit of the handshake.
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    Good suggestion by the author. Few days back I read the same message on the Facebook. Wearing mask and following social distancing is the only way to fight with corona virus and that's the reason why people are not getting affected by this deadly virus. Sanitation is the best thing to kill the germs and viruses . It's good that we use soap instead of the sanitizers as using it more may have some skin allergy . We can carry paper soaps or liquid soap with us to wash our hands.

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    In the present situation the Indian way of salutation is the best of the lot. Hugging and handshaking is not the action for these days as this is the time to salute from a distance but help each other when required.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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