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    Do you like tragedy ending or happy ending movies?

    Usually, we find various kinds of movies with varied stories. Some of the movies end in a tragedy and some movies have happy endings. In Tamil and in some other languages directors end the stories with tragedies that scored super hits. But in our Telugu states, people don't like to see a tragic ending and so many directors do venture to end the movie with a tragedy. But our Telugu directors for even to a remake movie makes changes to suit the likings of the people. A tragic movie lasts long memory on the audience's mind. Members, do you like a tragedy movie more than a happy ending movie? Why? why not?
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    I don't understand why movie should have a tragic end. Why people go to cinema halls? Obviously, they want to enjoy movie as a recreation which changes their mood. All the day they remain busy in doing their work or business or duty which earns them money to live a happy life. On week days or on a holiday a person goes with his family to watch a movie to enjoy and let his family enjoy but if the movie has a tragic end - will the movie refresh his mood?
    I hate such movies which unnecessary changes into tragedy. I like comedy, sometimes, I watch it on mobile. I never go to cinema hall to spend more than there hours. It's too boring and tiresome to sit at a place for so long.

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    If I talk about my choice, I always like the movie ending with a happy ending. I believe that most people prefer to go to watch the movies so that they can change their mood a bit, in simple words, we watch the movie only for our entertainment and if the end of the movie is happy or enjoyable then it should be considered as true entertainment. Apart from this, everyone also has their own separate choice, so it cannot be said that everyone would prefer the same movies. I also like an inspirational movie where starting could be a little sad but the end is always happy.

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    Whether the story has a happy ending or a tragic ending, the story should be enjoyable from the start to the end. After all, it is an entertainment and timepass event. Nothing to carry home and celebrate or to worry about.
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    Tragedy basically provides better emotional feedback

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    All movies normally have tragedy as well happy endings as the hero and heroine united with the death or arrest of villain. But normally the movies as centered with hero, the fans will not like tragic end to the hero at any cost. A movie acted by Nageswar Rao in Telugu and by Shivaji Ganesan in Tamil was taken in a grand manner. That movie was with tragic end earlier but on request from fans it was changed as a happy end movie.
    But in many movies directed by Sridhar was with tragic end and it was accepted by fans as the same gave weight to the story of the movie.

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    I would definitely go for the happy ending. When I go to see a movie then after the long story if something happens sad in nature, it is too disturbing and affects our mood. So, happy ending is preferred.
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    In most of the bollywood movies happy ending is shown whereas for a change I prefer tragic end. I remember lots of years back a movie "Ek duje k liye" was released . It was a hit movie though the end of the movie was not liked by the people because at the end both hero and heroine died . They were in love but their parents did not allow them to marry .

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    It depends on the flow of the story and other consequences in the movie that decide this liking a type of end in it. If the movie is about the struggle and efforts of a common person who rises to top with great degree of hard work then happy ending will be liked by people. At the same time if a person is suffering from mental trauma and psychological conditions then in the end his death will look like a normal thing and would not be hurting to the sensitive audience. So, depending on the context of the story that is weaved in it the ending should be matched appropriately.
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    Why we go to movies? Why we even watch them on TV? The main reason is relaxation and forgetting the problems and sorrows at least for a little time. We should be able to enjoy the movie and laugh loudly forgetting everything for some minutes. But after going there also, if the movie shows us all the problems and make a tragic ending, we will never enjoy life and also we can't appreciate the film.
    While coming out of the theatre we should come laughing and remembering the happy moments in the film. We should enjoy bu seeing beautiful faces of ladies and the terrific action of the actors. Then only the purpose will be served.

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    TV serials have no such thing as Tragedy. Even a character dies in any episode but public demands that a particular character should not have this tragic end, so director revives him and he comes back alive in the next episode.

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    What I feel that every movie has been made with entertainment mode and the theme would be set that the story ends on happy note because the fans should not feel so much involved in the character build up of the movie. But there are some directors like Bharathiraja who has the film making to next level and ended the movies with tragedy and thus the fans went weeping out of the cinema hall. One such movie was Maro Charithra in which Kamala Hassan and Sarita played the lead role of love between a North Indian girl and the South Indian boy to which the families wont agree and they does not have the guts to elope and thus ends the life by jumping into the river. That was so tragedy to watch and even got bad reviews from those lover who thought that the movie sends bad information that love life were failure.
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    I like the happy ending movies that give a kind of satisfaction after watching them. I still remember the day when I went to watch "Kal Ho Na Ho" movie and I was crying all the way back home. I was in grade 11 and was mature enough to understand that it was just a story but still I was cursing the scriptwriter for the death of Shahrukh Khan.
    I also like watching suspense movies and now the ongoing series trend is offering so many suspense stories to watch.


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