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    Usage of our old books whether subject or stories

    Many of us keeping our old books in the house for many years. This contains their college books or even story books such as novels etc., In those days our elders collected the novels and stories from magazines and kept as a book with good binding for future use. This was really a good collection in many houses. I saw in a house they found such huge number of books after the senior person's demise and they put every thing for weight to the old paper collector. This was good income to this person as well the old paper collector as he in his turn get money from the old book seller. But when I shifted my house I found many books used during our college time, some novels, novel collections etc., I took every thing to the nearest Government library and handed over. They accepted happily.
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    Now people are losing love for keeping books. I have some old books. I still have an Arithmetic book 7th class, a book of the chemistry of 9th class besides some of the books of intermediate, graduation and post-graduation. I have some collection of story-books.
    A friend of mine has a personal library. He has collected more than three thousands books, I have given some books to his library.

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    I must appreciate the author for handing over the old books collected and deposited in the public library and that was the good gesture. There are many libraries which store the daily papers and not other books and if the people after reading their personal books can hand over to the cause of others. But one thing is sure, the books are treasure of knowledge and I have the habit of keeping the books with me as the memories of past and if we dispose it off to the Kabadi wala the value of the books is not known to him and ask us to give for 8 rupees per kg but the knowledge treasure in those books are tremendous and cannot be valued. One of my friend whose sons went abroad and wants to keep the home and tried to dispose of their school and college books which fetched meager amount the memories are gone.
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    I also have a good collection of books that includes the academic books I studied during my Masters, storybooks, novels, and many magazines. Currently, I am not in any plan to hand over it to anyone but I would like to share an idea shared by one of my friends. They have collected all the books they have in the house and categorized them for different age groups. Now, every Sunday, they open a kind of book library in the Refugee flat of the society (obviously with the permission of the society committee) and people go there to visit the books. They can get the book issued for 1 week for Rs. 10/- and return it next Sunday. The money they are earning through this is used to buy other books as per the request of the people.

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    I keep only those books with me for a long time which I like to read again and again. Apart from this, I never kept academic books with me after completing the course but used to give them to those who needed them. But today I have understood the idea of ??giving books to the library through this thread and I will try the next time from now whenever I get a chance, I will definitely go to the library and give my old books.

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    Many people who have interest in reading, frequently buy the various books and with time these are accumulated in the house. Many people face the problem of disposing these books at a later stage. I had a large number of books collected over 30-40 years and I was also thinking as what to do about them. One day when I went to a nearby society to attend a scientific lecture in their conference room then I saw one library there where so many books were available kept in almirahs lined along the wall. I was told that one retired person had volunteered to manage that and books were provided by the residents. Next day I met the librarian and he was happy that I wanted to give my books there. So I gave all the books there and was not only relieved but also felt good by this noble transaction. Sometimes I go there and take a book from there for my reference.
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