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    Kitchen is a preacher

    The title of the thread must have made you think what is new about it. It is well-known that people learn to cook in a kitchen, but the write-up given below won't teach how to cook a particular dish. Well, you are intrigued by now that how the kitchen is a preacher in any other way.

    During the lockdown caused by pandemic, everyone has faced immense workload in their respective field. The homemakers were no exceptions. Even when the lockdown got called off, many homemakers preferred to manage the household chores single-handedly. It gave the ladies a life lesson that arrangements before cooking and preparing a dish are easier than maintaining the kitchen in entirety. Each utensil from small ones like a spoon, knife, bottle opener, butter knife, tea strainer to ladles, skillets, bowls, glasses and plates of different sizes and the large utensils like serving bowls, woks, saucepans, frying pans and whatnot are all equally important.

    Every kitchen item is indispensable, be it small or big ones. Everything must be kept clean and in the right place. A spoon cannot perform like a wok or vice-versa, same is the case of other utensils too. Thus, the kitchen taught that it has its own big family, and every member has a respectable position. None can substitute each other. So, when a kitchen cannot function properly even without a spoon, how can a family be hale and hearty by ignoring any of its' members? Kitchen teaches the lesson of integrity, and it's a high time for human beings to absorb this rich knowledge from their kitchen.
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    The author has tried a good post through which whole lots of appreciation and recognition is given the activities made in the kitchen during the pre cooking and post eating. During the lock down the family members were stay put in the home and being the hotels and eateries were closed the pressure on the house holds to try for new dishes force them to work hard, learn new dishes and remain more vibrant in kitchen. Moreover the children were at the home and they are not allowed to eat outside and thus the kitchen chores increased for many. One thing is sure every house old were managing the things with the available items and need not asked the extra food items for the purpose and thus their managing the kitchen has become the talk of the town and surely for many the kitchen has taught the toughest life and yet more easy to do for the sake of family.
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    According to me the kitchen is a dhyana mandapam. Our fullest concentration should be applied while cooking to get a good dishes appreciable by every one. Three hours examination decides the fate of student who studied three years degree and similar to that our fullest dedicated concentration in the kitchen gives us a good result as well if we spent full hearten, we can even minimize the usage of utensils as well fuel also.

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    When I discussed about this thread with my family members, one of my family members said "Kitchen is India. You can feel India inside the kitchen." When I asked how it is, she explained that the items held in the kitchen are from various parts of the country. Yes. She was right.
    The rice I have is from Punjab.
    The gas stove is from Mumbai
    The mixie is from Delhi
    The grinding stone is from Bangalore.
    The chilly is from Andhra Pradesh
    The Dal is from UP
    The Masala is from Tamilnadu
    and so on with each and every home appliance and the groceries.
    So our kitchen represents India as a whole.
    Your comments please.

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    Yes everyone whether animate or inanimate, has a specific role to play in life. The purpose of a plate and a bowl is different and both have a specific space according to its use. We all have our roles to play according to the task and specialised people/training is required to carry out specific tasks. Kitchen is a very good example where many things are there each having a specific role and the author has rightly pointed out the lessons we can learn from the kitchen. It proves we can learn from many things if we minutely study their activities.

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    Not only during the lockdown, before and after also kitchen will be maintained by the housewife very nicely. It is a pleasure for her. During the lockdown, the pressure for housewife also increased. Nothing was being purchased from outside. Everything is to be made in the house only. Whatever vegetables or other food items are purchased should properly be treated before use. The working from home people may be asking for additional teas and coffees as they are habituated take them while working in the office. That has given additional workload to the housewife.
    But I have seen my wife. She never showed any kind of displeasure or unhappiness during this period My sons helped her a lot and anyhow my daughters in law are also helped her. All of them together managed the entire house well. From my side, I have not contributed anything in maintaining the house. But I learned from my kitchen how one can maintain patience during pressure also.

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    It is interesting to note that there are so many items in the kitchen having different shapes and different use but they are coexisting in great harmony and group dynamism. This is definitely a good example to learn as how to live in this world together in spite of having differences among us. This is a big learning that all of us should try to imbibe these good things from the humble kitchen.
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    After reading the title and reading first few lines I was thinking of leaving. But then, somehow I thought to read the thread completely.
    Oh, I was treated to a very good faire. I have to appreciate the author to have come with a very unique way of presenting a forceful message. It shows that if you have the real eye and focus, anything becomes significant and is a good subject for a story or a good message.

    In fact after reading this thread the kitchen cabinet racks flashed through my mind and I was seeing each item in its relevance.

    Thanks for a good thread Shampa.

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    Venkiteswaran Sir,

    Thank you very much for your appreciation. It always feels good when someone praises one's effort. Thanks again.


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