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    What are the successes and failures of present BJP lead government after ruling over six years?

    BJP lead NDA government has ruled India for more than 6 years. So they got sufficient time to govern the country to show their progress. By this time people get an idea of and impact of their governance. People who oppose BJP governance may say democratic norms were not much followed by BJP, BJP also following the same old tactics of Congress in toppling other governments, inflation rate increased, job creation became all times low, personality cult in BJP like Indira Gandhi, bringing money deposited by Indians in Swiss banks to India, etc. Supporters of BJP may say that India is in 'Swarna Yug' under BJP's Modi rule. Members, personally what successes the government achieved and what failures it faced during this period of BJP rule. I request members to discuss in an honest way with regard to successes and failures.
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    What I feel that BJP and the NDA govt at the center is vastly successful in many ways as the demonetization has put an end to corruption to large extent and stashing of black money has been discontinued. By bringing the GST the center is helping the states with half of the contributions and thus states are not deprived of benefits either too done by the UPA govt. The surgical strike on the Pakistan and the way the China intruding has been handled has risen India's importance Internationally. Our PM Modi has good relations in many country and sooner or later India would have permanent seat at UN. And the way the Covid has been handled with less cases and deaths compared to huge population baffled the world and now India getting ready for the biggest vaccination program and the WHO is watching it with interest.
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    Economic experts of likes of Mr.Raghuram Raja, Mr. Subramanya Swami saying, etc. are saying demonetization is a total failure and the GST system in a hurried and faulty way for their failures. But the BJP party and its hardcore supporters are spreading the disputed messages of its success.

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    The big failure of this govt is the farm laws which was framed without taking into confidence of the large farmers who were the back bone of the country produce needs. Now the situation arisen in such way that the govt cannot stop the benefits nor it can scrap the law. By the way I will not agree with the contention that the demonetization was the big failure as opined by author because the very move felicitated every one to the system of fair reporting and paying and thus digital mode of payments has gone into effect and usage of cash across the counter has formidably reduced. More over GST was the super success as before the pandemic the collection was below one lakh crores and the December month collection has crossed 115 lakh crores and that proved that many sincere sellers come into the grove of paying tax and abiding the law.
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    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Generally a regime is judged by the overall performance and not on the basis of point wise failures or successes. BJP has done exceedingly well on many fronts in such a populated and complex country with so much of strange opposition. Seeing by the historical perspective, who can deliver the 100%? I feel that we have to compare BJP with the comparison of its performance with its predecessors and that should be a simple yardstick that people should consider to support it or to oppose it in the next coming elections. I do not have any affiliation with them but my judgement says that they have done far better. There is nothing like absolute governance in this world.
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    Once NDA has been chosen to rule the country till 2024, so this question- whether or not the government has progressed and developed the country has no importance. If people think that the government is not working well, most probably, in the next elections it will be rejected. Criticism about the government does not affect the rulers. They are working well or are not working well, this topic may be the talk of the town for the author and ilk though, but the reality is this topic is absolutely baseless. Where are opposition parties? Why are they hiding their faces if they assume that the government is not working well? Giving statements from air-conditioned rooms have no impression or effect. These opposition parties are asleep or negligent of playing their active role.
    Perhaps, opposition parties are confused. They don't know what to do and how to stop BJP. They are clueless.

    It is said that a large number of people are dissatisfied to the performance of the government but the question is then why BJP/NDA is winning elections in different states?

    I don't think we should always have negative views.

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    What else evidence you want to prove that BJP has done better during their tenure? Despite the demonetization, GST etc, look at the people who voted for BJP to power with absolute majority to go for a second term. We need not discuss point by point success and failure. I would say that we have a strong government that can take bold decisions, implement it without any fear or favour. What Congress could not do during their many decades rule, has been done by this present government. The farmers protest is not by the real farmers, but backed by the rich middlemen and mandi's commission agents supported by the opposition parties to defame the government. The government will overcome.
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