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    What is the present status of Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi cases?

    The sensational cases of Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi opened up during the BJP regime and the government promised to put these culprits behind the bars very soon. BJP government completed one full term and in the second term also more than one year is over. But till now these two culprits are in their dens in foreign countries enjoying their lives. What is the reason for such a delay in putting behind them in bars. What is the status of these two now at present? Do you think that the government failed in initiating and taking much quick action on them?
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    Vijay Mallya, founder of now defunct airlines Kingfisher, is presently in UK and is accused of cheating Indian banks to the tune of nine thousand crore of rupees, after which he fled to UK in 2016 and is now trying to evade extradition from there to India. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has already attached his assets worth Rs 13,000 crore. The process to bring him to India and punish is undergoing albeit slow due to legal tangles.

    Diamond merchant Nirav Modi is in a prison in south-west London and is under trial. He is accused of fraud and money laundering in the estimated USD 2-billion Punjab National Bank (PNB) scam case. He will also be extradited to India soon.

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    Unfortunately UK is the den for all the wrong doers across the world and those two culprits wanted by India are making their posh living there thanks to the law which gives the asylum even to the bad persons wanted by other country. The relations with UK is not that good as with the US and this year Boris Johnson is coming as the chief guest for our Republic day celebrations and surely our PM Modi would certainly ask for their extradition. CBI has already filed the application for their arrest but the courts are giving long rope for them. But Modi govt would not rest and go for all extent to punish the guiltiest even if they enjoy the patronage of leaders in the cabinet. One thing is sure, the CBI has given all rights and authorized to take anybody who works against the interest of the country and their arrests is going to be reality soon.
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    I will add in telling that apparently it is looking that we are not able to bring these culprits back to India and punish them but if we see the proceedings in these cases the process so far is nowhere in favour of them and slowly they are getting trapped in the legal web and it may take some more time but they would be punished severely and one more thing which we should understand is that once their property is attached then there is no chance for them to get it back because Govt procedures are complex and complicated and take time in both the directions whether it is forward or backward.
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    Now there are no elections immediately. So the subject is forgotten. May be after a couple of months when there will be elections in a few states we may again hear about the subject raised by non-BJP parties.

    I feel that no political party is sincerely bothered about this,as these people would have helped all major political parties.

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    But there are many other people in India and abroad also who ate money as much as possible and in the good books of the then governments.
    Both of them are being monitored very closely and they will be punished definitely without any doubt. Already ED attached some properties of the culprits and hope that suitable punishment will be given to both the people.
    There are many such people in politics.
    The government knows about the whereabouts of these two people and keep an eye on them.
    I don't know why opposition parties are also silent on these matters and no questions anywhere about any such people.

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    I see if anybody takes loan of small amount or big amount and does not return money to bank the action is taken against him. I have seen names of the banks' loan defaulters of more or less one lac rupees written on the big notice board in my Tehsil. These defaulters are arrested by police for not paying the required amount to bank and are sent to jail after a certain period for 15 days. But these defaulters who did not pay the billions loan back to banks, why they were not arrested by the police and how they managed to go abroad with big bags. Was security not informed by the concerned department to stop them from taking on flight. Why banks did not inform administration about their huge loans is beyond perception. Was RBI not aware of their billions-loan?
    Can any knowledgeable member throw light on this aspect of this fraud?

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    It is surprising that people who have done such a big fraud are not in jail and in the name of staying in some other country escaping the Indian law. It means our laws are to be rewritten in such a way that people cannot take advantage of this nature. I hope that Govt would get these people soon back to India and they will be sent to jail for long years and will repent their bad deeds when the money they earned by wrong means would go to the Govt or the bank that they have looted. We all are eagerly waiting for their ungraceful coming back to our country for living in the jails.
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