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    Treat house wife also on par with employee

    In a far reaching decision and order in a particular case the SC has observed that house wife should also be considered as the employee and her daily routines is not less than the husband who claims to work hard for the cause of family. In fact the court has observed right. When there is weekly break for the husband, there is no such break for the wife and in fact on the holidays her work increases with new demand recipe and thus she gets more work and no relax. And what we pay to the house wife for her sincere 365 days work. Nothing.
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    We do not pay her in tangible form but she is the combined owner of the property and is a part in decision making for many investments and expenses that we incur time to time. When we buy a house, first we take her there to approve it before finalising. We consult her in so many things and most of the times she is heard and followed. Probably Supreme Court wanted to make it clear that if there is anyone who is undermining the work of a housewife then he should remove that misunderstanding from his mind. A housewife is not only at par with an employee but she is much above that. Can anyone deny that?
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    I don't know what the exact context is behind this verdict, however, I think a housewife is not an employee in her home, rather she is the owner of her husband's property .

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    It is an insult to marital life. A wrong concept to treat housewives as an employee. Do we say that the husband is the boss of the house. No. Both husband and wife are the bosses, in fact, the lady of the house is the real super boss of the house. She has the freedom to do anything and everything that she wishes to do. She might cook or wash or relax. She might employ a servant to assist her. No one can question her except with affection, love and care. It goes with mutual understanding in the family. While we are trying to have gender equality, the SC brings in a division at home with boss and employee. Let us not set a different culture at home.

    One may feel tired as a lady and need rest, but not as a wife or mother to serve her husband and children.

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    Author said correctly. Many people thinks that the housewives are free from any disturbances and many times they spent time before televisions. The working class people are of multi tasked and find no time to even talk to friends. They are facing problem of travelling to work place and home with much difficulty but housewife do not face such problem. But they will realize the condition of the house if one day the housewife is not in the house.
    Besides this nowadays the condition of housewife is coming to those who working in house as the prevalence of 'work from home' comparing those who are going to workplace.

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    I think it is not correct to compare a housewife as an employee. An employee can resign and go. An employee can be removed from services. Is it correct to do such things with a housewife? The relation between a husband and wife is above the employee and employer relation. An employee is getting a holiday for his work in the office. But as a father or as a husband, is there any chance for him to take leave?
    Siva's half body is Parvathi. That means both of them are sharing their responsibilities equally. Wherever Siva goes Parvathy will go and vice versa. Same should be the case with wife and husband. The husband has to struggle from morning to evening to see that his family will have all the comforts. WIfe is seeing that all the family members will be energetic to progess.

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