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    Save all girl children in 2021

    The terrible men who rape women should be hanged. If found guilty, they should be hanged in public in full public view, within four months from the date of crime and the fast track courts should really be fast that these criminals are quickly hanged.

    We need a law to ensure this. And at least 2021 should be one year of protection of the girl child. In UP, the rape capital of India, we have one of worst Chief Ministers of India. Let us hope he takes severe action to keep a strict vigil on all vulnerable areas. The girls of any age need protection. In fact, there could be volunteers from among the good men, who ought to protect girls. CCTV help can come in handy. Chennai has the highest number of CCTVs. Similar action should be taken. The hanging should be done to all men who even attempt to rape women. Our laws should be made very strict.
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    The present UP CM Yogi is working hard to set the things right which gone haywire during the previous regimes which gave the goons the go to do their wrong things. UP is the vast state and the hooligans are also more to bring bad repute to the state. The state police force is also good to nab the bad people but given the hidden agenda of wrong doers, the state is blamed for the selfish personal deals in the crime to which state CM cannot be held responsible. The new law on Love Jihad is to prevent forceful marriages in the guise of inter faith acceptance is the good move to prevent ulterior motives of vested interest. No doubt every girl child need to be protected and that should start from the home. If the parents are right and concerned, they would take care of girl child and most cases they let loose.
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    The safety of girls has always been a challenge for the country because the law is not as strict as it should be. As the author said, how therapists are punished, this idea comes to the mind of the people every time they read or watch any news related to rape in a newspaper or news channel. After all, why the government does not understand that unless the rules are strict, then this abusive crime with girls in the country will not stop. A disgusting incident that completely changes the life of a girl, even such negligence in the justice system should not be tolerated anymore. Along with the strictness of the laws, society also needs to empower girls and give them the necessary lessons to protect themselves. The more people afraid, the more the crime will increase, so first become strong and raise your voice for yourself. Even if no one wants to do it, but we always have to protect ourselves.

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    The rape incidents have become common occurrences in our country and India has become one of the most unsafe countries in the world for women. There may be several reasons for frequent rape crimes. If the criminals are punished instead of being shown any sympathy, the crime rate will come down but it is said that rapists are helped and protected by powerful people.
    We need to see our society as a safe society for women. It's not the responsibility of the administration only but also it is our responsibility.

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    Rape cases in India has been increasing dày by day. Unless and untill we have a very strict law against it this is not going to stop. We should have the law against rapes like we have in gulf countries. I remember the Damini rape case in Delhi which was very heinous and the main culprit was freed as he was minor at that time. It's very upsetting the person who can rape a girl is a minor as per the law. Such flaws in the law should be amended.

    Also out of curiousity I googled the statistics in Rajasthan , Kerela and Haryana rape cases were registered in 2020.

    Availability of CCTV will always be helpful in safety of the girls, also the patrolling of police at night should be increased.


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    Rape cases are there in almost all the states and girl baby abuse is there in many states. Why one state and its Chief Minister is highlighted by the author is not known.
    The men who go for such criminal acts should be hanged without any mercy. I even say that the police can take severe action on the spot on such fellows. The police should be given such powers. Otherwise courts will take their own time and human rights protection people start pleading for the culprits. So many things may happen. So we should not allow delay. The culprit should be shot to death in public so that no other person will get to the mood of committing such cruel acts.
    Protecting a girl child is the need of the hour. People should not differentiate between a girl child and a boy child. All should be treated equally.

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    Good alert from the author. It is become essential to every parents and house persons to keep an eye on their girl children, without minding that they may think that they are followed and watched. Besides this not only girl children but also boy also to be taken similar care as the unemployment youths are roaming and they can do anything.

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    The rape cases are on the increasing trend since the culprits are aware of the limitations on penalising committing such offences. They have not seen any major punishments being rewarded to offenders. Hence any drastic action such as hanging them publicly within a shortest possible interval seems to be the real solution.
    It should also be examined why and how the youths are tempted to switch to such a heinous crime. It is of no use to read Bibles before them. Unfortunately our courts are taking so much time to settle such issues and this unnecessary delay made by the courts make the culprits alerts to take all possible steps to dilute the charges framed against them. Instead of moving the cases to court, the police personnel should be allowed to deal with all rape cases and suitable action need to initiated against the defaulters. If needed, the police should not hesitate in rewarding capital punishment before the public so that others being criminal minded may change their steps.

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    There is a need to change the existing laws in this matter and severe punishment is required to be enacted and that is one thing that would definitely deter the people for going to such mean and horrid actions.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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