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    Boycott polyethene and save the environment.

    We all know how harmful polythene is which is not destroyed and if the soil remains on the ground for long, it also reduces the fertility of the land. Many people throw that plastic around by drinking tea, coffee, or water, it is also dangerous. It is also dangerous to bury the used polythene in the ground, it makes the land barren and then it also contaminates the water.

    For this reason, orders related to polyethylene bane have been coming from time to time for many years, but people do not be strictly followed them, even today many things are sold in polythene at many shops, and people take it freely. By doing this we are inadvertently contaminating our own environment and increasing the crisis for the coming generation.

    As a civilized citizen, we must act in the interest of the environment, and should not promote those who pollute the environment, the use of polythene is one of these factors.
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    I do agree with the author that we should need to stop using plastic bags but banning plastic bags is not a solution of the problem. Plastic is widely used for making usable/disposable items. I don't need to make a list of these plastic items because all of us are aware how much plastic is used on every level. Besides polythene bags which are commonly used by all shopkeepers in market local administration is well aware of, why no stringent actions are taken against these shop keepers. If this issue is taken in broader perspective then why manufacturing firms are not closed by the government. These manufacturing companies should be directed to stop manufacturing plastic products then no shopkeeper will use them. A few months ago I saw police were in action, they were seen patrolling in the market and checking which shopkeeper was using plastic bags but after a day exercise no concrete result came out.

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    The topic raised by the author is quite relevant in the present time. We are in the habit of using plastic bags for preserving multiple items. For most of the consumers, it is convenient and even these bags are used to pack hot tea. hot milk and even prepared rice, pulses and cooked vegetables without minding the adverse reaction of the plastics with the food materials.
    Initially some sort of strictness was observed from the administrative machineries but with the time, the same intensity is not prevailing. We have seen the tragic ends of cows, buffaloes and other animals because of its consumption since it chocked their respiration system. It has even affected the drainage system causing water logging due to chocking of the entire mechanism. If buried in the ground, it will make the same area infertile. Though there should be strict regulations curbing excess production of the same, we need to be cautious about its erratic usage.

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    Plastic and plastic bags are big environmental hazard and there are time to time many orders from the authorities not to use it but some manufacturers are illegally making it and it is being sold to the hawkers and small shops clandestinely and the volume of this business is so big that it is a herculean task to control it and eradicate the plastic menace. So what are the solutions. One thing is that many agencies are trying to replace these plastic bags with the other material like biodegradable plastic bags or paper bags or even returnable cloth bags but nothing is succeeding and again the normal hazardous plastic bags are coming back in circulation. So the problem cannot be tackled at governance level and only thing is people have to become aware of this threat to environment and citizen groups should take lead in this endeavour of getting rid of these plastic bags.
    Knowledge is power.

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