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    Do you support political parties using religion or caste as trump card in succeeding elections?

    One of the best weapons for political parties to succeed in elections is using either religion or caste factor. BJP used to argue that the Congress party showing favoritism towards minorities and winning elections. But BJP's whole politics lies on religion from the beginning. Even to increase their popularity where there is no scope to gain entry into such states they are using religion as a trump card to divide the people. For example, the TS head of BJP gave a statement that AP people have to decide in Tirupathi parliamentary byelection whether they need Bibble or Bhagavadgita. Similarly, in recent TS Municipal elections, the whole campaign revolved around religion only. In Telugu states or mostly in Soth Indian states nowhere people give importance to religion but locally castes play an important role in elections. Is it good for BJP to play religious politics and thereby dividing people?
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    If we go through the history of the world and the confrontations and wars that took place in the past then one interesting thing that comes to our knowledge is that most of those fights were done in the name of religion and cult. There may be some hidden agenda of the kings and high position people but apparently the lower level people and commoners were instigated in the name of religion. For many of the human beings the religion is such an important thing that they can kill anyone in that name or even sacrifice their lives for that. The trainers who train such people poison them in the best possible doses of the religious doctrine making them very dangerous for the other society. Many victories and annexations were carried out in that religiously professional manner. Same thing is happening today worldwide. India is no exception.
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    It is always bad to use either religion or caste for political gains. But in India, we cannot avoid it because our society is made on the basis of caste and religion. If we see the regional parties, almost all the regional parties are caste based parties. Since the national parties are not confined to any particular region, they are using religion as a trump card for winning the elections.

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    According to me this is not because of elections, but this havoc prevails in our country so many years back. This is, I believe the effect of our people following western countries where we can see one religion by forgetting ours is a secular country and having so many cultural back ground. Earlier they remove caste names in the names of streets, arguing and discussing seriously in the televisions and public meetings that the caste should be abolished etc., but simultaneously asking caste certificates for getting or providing reservation quota.

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    Using religion as a trump card for election is not acceptable at all for me. But it is unfortunate to see the political parties doing the same. Basically, it's a divide and rule politics which prevailing even after more than 70 years of independence. Now, what we can do here is important. We should reconsider our approach to elections. Instead of voting for a party, we should vote for clean and noble-minded people and definitely, they are in every constituency. When we vote parties or the supreme leader, eventually we degrade the power of our vote. One person can't run a government. If we will vote for good people, parties will automatically give tickets to good people. If we will choose religion, then developmental things would be secondary of course.

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    BJP should be given credit to expose pseudo secularists because by using religion it won the centre and states elections, following footsteps of BJP these pseudo secularists are also using religion to win the elections. Some of the leaders who were never heard going to any temple, they began to prostrate in temples. Some of them started using the name of Hanuman or Parshuram etc.
    On record, India is still a secular country but practically, I don't think India is a secular country in the present age. Most of the parties, directly or indirectly, use religion as well as a caste to win elections. Everything is fair in politics.

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    where we living is a fields for everyone and this made for each other concept. Our country is well known to the place of mixed culture in the world. But this concept is using by the Politian in their favor. what we are thinking is no mater how can general public be influenced is the main object here to captured them for political gain. You can see this movement at the time of election only , after the result of the election nobody is think for it. Hence, luck of education among all is the basic criteria. The govt. in the other hand try a little bits for the same which is far below the reasonable steps resulting no effect or a little effect up to the next vote. Even we all know that those things should not be merged with the election manifesto but eventually come in the road in every time. Should be stopped henceforth.
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    Well, it hardly matters whether an individual supports this divisive politics or not because as you have already mentioned in the thread caste plays a significant role in elections in the southern states. Caste and religion both play an important role in elections in India and that's why every political party invokes them to garner support. When the majority can be swayed in the name of religion or caste those who do not support this idea of the politicians do not have much role to play to modify the system. We say our country is secular and I would say I really do not know the meaning of the word secular. The country was divided on religious grounds and I found people love to fight among themselves over religion and caste. If we really moved forward in terms of mindset and culture and proclaim ourselves as modern then I fail to understand why religion and caste still play a significant role in making decisions in society?

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    Hindu population is high in our country. The other religion people are less. So to attract these other religion people some special benefits were given to them treating them as minorities. Why should we, first of all, decide people based on their religion? Is it not wrong. You divide people based on their financial status, Help the poor to come up. But this was never attempted. This was never questioned?
    All parties in India provoke people by bringing the caste or the religion into the picture. Why we should right our religion and caste in our personal data? Why there should be reservations based on caste in politics and in government.
    These are all the inherent problems in the system. But nobody talks about that. But every party tries to blame the other party. At least common voters should understand and should not go by caste and religion for voting.
    Definitely, I never support caste-based or religion-based politics.

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    If BJP is branded as communal party for their stand and support to Hindus and Hinduvta cult, then what is wrong. If the Congress and other parties side with a particular religion and even announce appeasing politics of increasing their reservation quota then that is not called communal. That means every party is the communal as they are siding one religion or the other. Moreover some parties are also functioning on the basis of caste based politics and the candidates from particular community is given more chance. So parties can claim that they are secular but somewhere or the other they are favoring one religion.
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