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    Do you agree that the rights of consumers are not properly honored in India?

    We the people of India pay a lot of taxes like property tax, job revenue tax, municipal tax for water and maintenance, toll tax, education cess, GST, etc. Actually, India is one of the countries where the tax regime is highest. The taxes collected by the government has to utilize for the welfare of people. But most of these get wasted by political parties, administrative staff before anything gets reached to people for their welfare. There is no transparency in the utilization of these taxes. It is the right of the people to get various services for their welfare as they are paying taxes. For example, roads, dust bins, drainage canals are not properly maintained. Municipal and Corporation authorities have to supply safe drinking water to every house on a daily basis. Now more than 90% of people are not using tap water for drinking purposes because people think that the government authorities cannot maintain pipelines without leakages. The government uses a big budget for schools but very few people are utilizing this facility. People in India take other routes to solve their problem but we don't find such a tendency in foreign countries. Is it the political system and governments that are the reason for this failure India? Why?
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    The Indian system is well known for its lack of governance and rampant corruption and due to that many things are not favourable to the common public and customers. The present Govt is trying hard to correct the system which had gone off the track in last so many decades but only the experts can tell whether there is some improvement or not. One important thing is that the improvement has to be seen in a comparative scale as there is nothing like absolute in this arena. We have so many consumer courts in our country but when you lodge a complaint there then it takes so many years that you become fed up with the expenses on the lawyers and travelling and then desperately quit and the other party wins in that process. That party knows it well as they have dealt so many cases and they are well experienced in such matters. For us it may be the first case of our lives and we may boast and share with our friends and relatives but the defaulting and cheating companies face them quite frequently and care two hooks for them.
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    A small correction, author! Not rights of consumers but according to me the consumers themselves are not honored in our country almost in all parts. Every vendor giving his product to the consumer without caring his sales but telling the consumers,'this is the price, buy if you want otherwise go smoothly'. In those days, if a product is not available in a shop, the shop owner or shop keeper used to tell us to come for the next day and on the next day he arranged however to supply without fail. But nowadays if he is not having mean that is all.

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    No. Value for the customer in our Indian situation. They feel they are doing free service to customers. But actually they should understand that they are in the business because of the customers only. That way they never think..
    Why only taxes? We are paying more value for the product towards the cost as the supplier has to get profit. If there is no consumer there is no need to manufacture. Then the whole system will collapse. Industry will die down. No jobs. The whole system is dependent on the customer only.
    All should realise this fact including the government and they should see that consumer will be suitably treated. A tax payer plays an important role in democratic government. But he will never be recognised properly. That attitude should change.

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    No, it's not always so. Consumers or customers are given respect and importance everywhere. If anybody does not respect his customer then why he will go there again, the customer will go to another shop/outlet have avail services.

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    I am not talking about customers or consumers of food items. I am talking about the services that government authorities have to rendered to the public because they are paying taxes to the government.

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    It is the fact that the administration is not giving the concrete ideas and plans for war footing achievements of basic necessities which is still a long dream for the citizens who are paying the tax. Though we have the MP LAD funds, the state MLA's funds and the division corporator funds, all aimed at providing the basics like roads, drainage, drinking water and street lighting. But corruption takes the front seat as the spade work is done and the full work done is projected therefore the development is nil and money has been siphoned off. What is the use of giving so much funds to our three tire arrangements to done the basic needs which is totally misused. Even the public accounts committee which is headed by the opposition leaders does not pass any strictures against the misuse of money and thus no accountability.
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    I agree with the author, corruption has increased to such an extent in the government and many large departments in our country that we do not even know how much damage is happening to us. As far as tax is concerned, almost every working person is paying and the government is giving all services as a show only, but in these services, the word like quality has no value for the government. The construction of the road etc. goes on almost whole the year, but it does not guarantee how long the road to be built using adulterated material will be in working condition. The contribution of the government/departments in the entire system is 90 percent, so the contribution of 10 percent is also ours because it is often seen that when the government is doing any construction or other work in the interest of the public, then the general public is not even able to get proper support.

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    Let us be frank enough to admit that we are ourselves responsible for breeding and nurturing corruption. We are all vociferous in criticising corruption and never lose a chance to highlight our opposition to the practice. But when it comes to our own requirements, we conveniently keep our ideologies aside and do not hesitate to grease the palms of politicians or officials. I think we have become used to corruption. We do not want to waste (?) our time and efforts in getting things done through proper channel and proper way. We have become accustomed to shortcuts and so look for easy ways out.

    We are sort of afraid to question officials fearing a negative reaction from their side. It is a known fact that people in authority can put you in distress but unless and until we fight our way through and insist on they following the laid down procedures and keep questioning them with 'hows and whys', I don't think we will ever be able to establish our rights as common citizens.

    If the system is corrupt, it is because we are allowing it to exist and grow. As long as corruption is there and we remain a bunch of mute spectators, let us not expect to be respected or honoured as consumers or taxpayers. Before wrapping up, let me ask a simple question, how many of us would take the effort to approach a Court seeking redressal for non-compliance of government orders or for the poor state of roads or for intermittent power failures or pipeline leaks etc? We have become more or less complacent and are, sadly, ready to live the way we are.

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    The only reason that consumer rights are not protected in our country is due to the bad governance everywhere. When a consumer fights for justice then he is asked to prove so many things that he soon gets fed up and leaves the case as it is. The network of lawyers is another trap where lawyers will go on taking their fat fee from him without any progress in the case. I have a personal experience of a case in which initially we hoped that we would win but as the case progressed ahead we saw that the opposite party was going strong day by day and they did not want to pay any compensation to us but more than that they had paid to their excellent lawyer. After getting troubled for a long time when we withdrew the case then our lawyer told that actually we should not have gone for it as it was merely a wastage of time and money. So we leant the bitter lesson after such a long time.
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    It is due to corruption that exists due to our selfish goals. From a peon to a minister, the system is corrupt. Everyone wants to be rich may it be bureaucrat or politician, Engineers or contractors, Doctors or lawyers or judges. The whole system is corrupt. We don't mind greasing the palms to get our work done. As long as we continue to do this, nothing will reach the common man. All will be eaten by the middlemen. There are many cuts en-route. If the Government grants 100, that becomes 10 at the end. This is the fate of our country and its people. It is also the muscle and money power of certain groups that affect the common people.
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