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    Nowadays the courier services also not reliable

    It seems to be very common to have everything through online. It is good as one need not go out for anything. Similarly the services of postal department run by the government was chided and thereby the courier services are grown as anything. Nowadays the courier services also become not a reliable one. Earlier the courier person was getting signature from the receiving person by asking the relationship to the recipient etc., But nowadays courier items are handed over just like that and without any signature from the receiving person. In some cases many are receiving messages that the items were delivered but in actual they are not receiving the courier.
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    Some standard courier services like DTDC are reliable only and I think there is no problem with it. Probably at present courier services, Amazon, or Flipkart people are not taking sign because of the Corona problem. They are asking for the code number that we get on our mobile to verify their proper delivery.

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    I had been receiving items online, but never failed to receive the items ordered. I was never deceived by the courier. These days, the couriers sent a pin or delivery code to our mobile number that is required for verification with the delivery person. Immediately after delivery, we receive a message that 'Item delivered'. Courier service providers maintain a check system to ensure that the items are delivered to the correct addressee. Mobile phones play an important role between the service provider, delivery person, and the addressee.

    Even the return and refund also quick. Amazon and Flipkart couriers are reliable and trustworthy. We can trust them.

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    True. Many courier companies are trying to go away from responsibility. But there are some good old courier companies like Professional couriers who are still responding and taking necessary action if there are any complaints.
    The other day we have sent some medicines through professional courses to our father. While writing the address we missed giving the house number. But as it is a village it is easy for the courier to go and handover the material. They did it. But they informed by phoning us to give house number also in future consignments. We felt happy.
    But some new companies don't have much infrastructure are not able to deliver the goods properly but they will try to find some of the other reason to show that we are at fault.
    We should keep the receipt given by the company with us till the item is delivered. That will be proof for us if there is any problem.

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    Rightly said by the author , the courier services are having lots of complaints. Though the companies claim that they are transparent, they would share the tracking details but when it comes to actual delivery to customers. they are either given to other persons, security or other passerby of the colony. My friends who ordered saris through online was fooled by the courier that the parcel was handed over to the consignee but it was proved to the courier and thus the courier was fined. The couriers are supposed to hand over with OTP or signature, that rule is not followed and the complaint galore.
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